034 : John Bullard – Amazon Prep and Ship, Co-op Whatsapp Sourcing and Ebay & every other channel Fulfillment coming soon

By Stephen Peterson | October 15, 2015 |
John Bullard

John Bullard has quickly expanded his family business and role in the eCommerce world. His early start selling on Ebay at a large scale and then being one of the early Amazon FBA users has given him the confidence and skills necessary to expand into the Prep and Ship business on a large level. When you…

033 : Randy Reynolds – Using a Portfolio approach to find the Optimal Inventory Mix and refocus his successful business

By Stephen Peterson | October 12, 2015 |
Reandy Reynolds

  Randy’s education and experience have prepared him well for selling on FBA. His portfolio approach to managing inventory mix, his precise tracking, his investment strategy and his understanding of repricing are deeper than most other sellers I have spoken to. His focused, driven and most importantly calculated approach to process improvement are all lessons…

032 : Duane Malek – Retail Arbitrage evolves to Wholesale evolves back to Retail Arbitrage Group Style

By Stephen Peterson | October 8, 2015 |
Duane Malek

Duane is a solid consistent seller and takes a disciplined approach to Entrepreneurship. His technical background along with a strong math understanding has allowed his business to grow consistently. What I really like about Duane is his restructuring (several times) and his willingness to openly talk about it. I think most people would not want…

031 : Dan Miller – Wisdom meets Passion proves out an eCommerce model as he carries out his life’s Mission, helping others without expectations!

By Stephen Peterson | October 5, 2015 |
dan miller

Dan clearly has settled into his successful life in a great way. He manages a large business, his way from his place the way he wants. Sounds like every listeners dream! He credits his consistency in producing a weekly newsletter, a radio show/podcast for 12 years WITHOUT MISSING ONE WEEK. Who can say they have never…

030 : Scott Margolius – FeedbackRepair.com worked for me – yes even me the skeptic!

By Stephen Peterson | October 1, 2015 |
Scott Margolius

Scott is the owner of Feebackrepair.com a consulting company that helps remove neutral and negative feedback, along with suspension restorations, product mix and other Amazon related issues/opportunities. So sad to say I did not know our feedback detailed information. On the surface we had 100% feedback….until Scott helped me drill down and showed me I…