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400 : Chris Green – Change your side hustle to a side business

By Stephen Peterson | August 5, 2019 |

What’s an idea guy to do? He helps others. If you don’t know who Chris Green is, then get ready to meet one of the most giving guys I have ever met. Helps tons of people with no expected return. Tons of great ideas, very approachable and ready to help you grow your business.  …

399 : Javier San Juan – Can personalization help build out your Amazon business

By Stephen Peterson | July 29, 2019 |

Have you looked at personalizing your products to help them standout? Javier has found the secret to scaling custom. Automation! Isn’t that the thing that has helped your business? Think Scanpower, Inventory Lab, Tactical Arbitrage, repricers, etc. See what can you replace in your business with automation? Mentioned: Tactical Bucket – Use code: Momentum to…

398 : Rachel Michaelov – Face forward and get your Amazon taxes right

By Stephen Peterson | July 22, 2019 |

I love when a professional exudes confidence from experience. Rachel and her company have produced thousands of tax returns and many of them from Amazon sellers. Best practices come from experience and you should always strive for best practices. If you are in trouble, own it, accept it and face forward. Get some help, give…

397 : Brian Miller – Create as much runway as possible in running your Amazon business

By Stephen Peterson | July 15, 2019 |
Brian Miller profile picture

Have you looked at warehousing in China? Have you looked at combining shipments with other sellers? Brian has a company that can help with all of those things. Maybe 20-50% in savings? The point I learned in this interview is that things are changing quicker than ever. You have to adapt and be willing to…

396 : Nick Julia – Add Facebook Messenger Marketing to drive sales on Amazon

By Stephen Peterson | July 8, 2019 |

Have you tried to drive your own sales? Have you tried to bring your own traffic to Amazon? Most would say they don’t need to as that’s what we pay Amazon all those fees for. But if you are seeing higher ad costs with lesser results, then maybe some traffic that you generate might be…

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