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Everyday chip away at your business as a work of art




Think of it as a sculpture, it takes time and it likely will change as you start to see it in a finished state.


Think back to when you started your reselling career, does it look even close to what you thought? My guess is no. I think that is what makes this journey more of an adventure. Where you plan for bumps and turns but when roadblocks appear. They will appear, you have to be quick thinking and even quicker acting to get through them.


Sometimes you have to go over them, hence the adventure.


What can you see in your sculpture? Where do you see an opportunity to take a chance. Take a risk, chip off a chunk knowing full well that it could be a completely different result. Is that bad? I know many of the things I planned and hoped for never came to fruition. Looking back I am glad they didn’t as the market has changed. It changed outside of my control. It always does, and will continue so you need to be flexible, ready to zig or zag, ready to reach out for help. You need to see your sculpture through others eyes!

Ask them what they see, your blinders will fall off and you can get ready to create something even better!man-1445526_960_720


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