436 : Dan Wentworth – 20+ year overnight success – Add more value than you take


This continues my series on 50+ years of selling. Dan is 61 (as of this recording) and he has been successful for the last 20 years. It has not been easy, but it is simple. So could you start at 41 (pick any age between 41 and 61) and you too could have Dan level success. However you will also have to make the sacrifices Dan has made. You will have to win and lose as Dan did. You will have to help hundreds of other sellers (competitors) as Dan did. You will have to have a super great partner (a “Michelle” ) as Dan does. You will have to develop a great team and make them even better as Dan has. So get the point. It’s hard work. But it is doable. So why not get started?


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