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340 : Rich & Nila Siok – Meet some old and find some new friends at ECom Chicago

Selling on ebay podcast

The Sioks love a party. They love to get together, to share stories, to catch up and to advance their business. Yes, you see they understand the value they get from others. Takes putting yourself out there, with no expectations, and magically you gain. This should be a book called “The Secret”. Thing is it is no secret. It happens again and again, over and over. Your network is your networth! Invest in your business, invest in planning for the new year and save some money. Yes there is such a thing as a free lunch in Chicago. 🙂



Ecom Chicago – October 18th-20th – 3 days all sellers!

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Transcript: (note- this is a new tool I am trying out so it is not perfect- it does seem to be getting better)

Rich & Nila:                         [00:00:00]               Oh absolutely. And, and that’s one of the things that when we started this five years ago or whatever, we said we want to have our sponsors, these people are the ones that are paying for the synthesis, how we can keep it so reasonable. These people help pay to keep the event going and we want them in the rooms when with the, the attendees and that way during the breaks and things, they can go around to all of these tables and visit with the other people that are there. And that is a key to networking and a key to being with that because a lot of people don’t know what’s out there and what they can use or what’s available in the ecommerce industry. So it’s, it is fascinating. So yeah, I’m meeting other people. What do you can use the services or not is incredible.

Cool Voice Guy:                [00:00:55]               Welcome to the ECOMMERCE. We focus on the people, the products, and the process of ecommerce selling today. Here’s your host, Steven Peters in.

Stephen:                             [00:01:09]               Hey, great opportunity here, right? You’re ready to buy. You’re ready to sell. Uh, if you could look for some cashflow, a now might be a great time to jump back into Ra at OAA. Lots of people do it. There’s some people that that’s all they do. They only work this time of year, sell enough, and then take the rest of the year off, sipping drinks on a beach in Bali. Vow. Anyway, though, the outliers. Let’s talk about the rest of us, but if you want to add back Ra, no way. Then I have a great group for you. It’s through amazing freedom. Our friends at amazing freedom, my friends at amazing freedom and it’s Gaye Lisby specific. She is an unbelievable teacher. And so what the deal they offered us through this podcast is two weeks free. So it’s a two week free trial, so there’s no risk to you at all.

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Speaker 3:                           [00:03:19]               I want to talk about a seller lambs scope and we just launched a new product. I’m very excited about it. It’s wholesale and private label combined for us. Kind of a bundled thing that we do. Um, but I’m very excited because we used scope to help me with the keywords because it’s such a big deal. Figuring out the keywords. How are you going to rank for this? How do you rank for this? Well, guess what we do? We go like everybody else and we figure out what the top products keywords are and then we use them also. That’s what scope allows you to do. And so it’s such a great, great product for discovering profitable Amazon keywords. And you can even use it for finding products to you can with fee, cow sale calculations, all that stuff’s included, right? And it’s, it’s just a chrome extension simple to use, simple to use.

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Speaker 3:                           [00:04:49]               That’s what I like. That’s what I needed. And so solutions four ecommerce care locker, her team, um, I get notes from all the time I launched it. I think I talked about this last time. I launched a ton of products, the same product that I’m using scope for. I sent her, here are the images here and now we do the key words. We do all that stuff upfront. She does a flat files for me. Boom. They went in. It was perfect. No feedback. I don’t have anything to change because it was done exactly as it was supposed to be, but I didn’t have to mess with it. And it’s not that I can’t, it’s not that I’m above it, it’s just that it allows me now to focus on this other piece. And so when you’re a small company like ours, when you have other people on your team working with you, working for you, it just makes the difference.

Speaker 3:                           [00:05:27]               And you know, I’ve said it for three years. Again, I look for consistency overtime and Karen’s given me that, um, is it perfect? No, Steve’s never perfect. And so she keeps me on track and really helps us when we need it. And so it’s been a great relationship and I’m just so proud to offer it. I’m a very careful about these things and I’m so proud to offer it. So solutions the number for ecommerce forward slash momentum, you’re going to save 50 bucks and that’s real money. Again, that’s real $50 by using my link. You don’t that link anywhere else to save the 50. And she’s going to do an inventory. Health report, storage fees. Who got hit with storage fees, right? That just happened, right? A longterm stories. Now they’re monthly, right? This quarter, they’re going to be monthly by using Karen and her team.

Speaker 3:                           [00:06:11]               You can get that inventory health done. Boom, pull back, which you don’t need or put sales on it, whatever it is. Karen also does work on Ebay if you want them to bring your listings over to Ebay using joe list or any of the other products. She does that kind of work too, but you got to use my link solutions, the number for ecommerce forward slash momentum. Save the 50 bucks. Tell Karen I sent you and make sure that you really understand all the stuff that you can get through her service has been phenomenal. Let’s get into the podcast. Welcome back to the ECOMMERCE momentum podcast. This is episode 340, rich and Nilah Saigon. You know, I’ve had Richard on before, episode [2:49] by the way. Go back and listen to his backstory, but this the first time I had Richard Nilah together, um, because they really are a couple that really come together because they spend their life together and they spend their business time together, but in a very cool way.

Speaker 3:                           [00:07:02]               They do have separate work spaces. There’s a pro tip married couples, if you’re thinking, Hey, can we make this work? Separate spaces. Good. Uh, those had been married a long time. Sometimes getting away from each other. It’s a good thing. Um, and it can really help enhance the relationship. Time spent apart makes your heart grow fonder, right? Isn’t that the phrase or something like that. So I like what they do because they’re like 100 percent in helping other people and then the reward that they get is tenfold. Right? There’s a great lesson there and those of you who are helping people and there’s so many that do it. I see them replying to comments on Ebay or on facebook and stuff like that, hey, here’s how I do it, or whatever. That little feeling you get when you do that, multiply it by 100 and that’s what rich and Nilah do with their meetup and they have a local meetup.

Speaker 3:                           [00:07:52]               They’ve had it for a long time and it’s evolved into econ Chicago and decide I’m going to let them pitch econ Chicago because I believe in it so strongly as a great way to kind of get your q four kind of. By then you’re, you’re, you’re probably, because it’s in October, middle of October. By then you’ve probably got your key already set, right? Everything’s done and you’re just pacing at that point. But I use it as a time to plan for next year and I think that that’s just so powerful. It gets such a great opportunity and when you look at the list of speakers that you can go and have a beer with, you can have a cup of coffee with and you can have a full conversation. That opportunity is so good. Let’s get into the podcast. Alright, welcome back to the ECOMMERCE momentum podcast.

Speaker 3:                           [00:08:35]               We’re excited about today’s guests, plural. Um, I’ve had the hubby on before, but now I’m going to bring a husband and wife on. And what I love about this couple is they are an outgoing couple, a matter of fact. They’re experiencing happy hour as we talk here now. They enjoy life and I think, I think there’s so many of us that get involved in this business and get, you know, take it so serious that we’re letting life pass us by. And here’s a couple that I think, uh, they don’t let much passing by. Richard and Nilah siack. Welcome guys. Oh, thank you very much. I think that’s a fair statement. You guys don’t let life pass you by, do you? Um,

Speaker 1:                           [00:09:20]               with a couple of grandchildren and I’m actually three and we have a nice. We’re, we’re fortunate enough to be able to go away on weekends and enjoy our weekends in Wisconsin so well when you’re leg with a couple of boats and we really truly believe in that free time when you can get it. It’s a, it’s so relaxing. They get away from the computer.

Speaker 3:                           [00:09:45]               Well, you guys, uh, I think about my age. Maybe a smidge older than me. You’ve been working for yourself. For how long would you say?

Speaker 1:                           [00:09:54]               Alright, cool.

Speaker 3:                           [00:09:58]               That’s a long time that I left. That’s a long, long time

Speaker 1:                           [00:10:01]               at the computer sign business out of the House for about 20 years. Wow.

Speaker 3:                           [00:10:09]               I think about that. And then we have other businesses

Speaker 1:                           [00:10:15]               we work for ourselves.

Speaker 3:                           [00:10:19]               So it, it, it’s been all our married life. Now think about that. Aren’t you weird when you think about it compared to your friends, not your ecommerce friends, because I know you and Robin and mark are our friends. They’re, they’re a weird couple too, but like you being in this business, but I mean compared to the rest of your friends, you guys are weird, right? Because you do have free time yet you own your own business. The fact that you don’t have a big retail location today. Right. That’s weird.

Speaker 1:                           [00:10:50]               Yeah, we hear that a lot. We hear that from a lot of people. Like how could you possibly a work together for that long or whatever. We have moments. Steve

Speaker 3:                           [00:11:04]               the garage. I have the living room office. I think that’s, you know, it’s funny you say that, that I’ve heard that from almost every single couple that generally most of them now mark and Robin are there. Desks are right next to each other, but they’re an exception. But generally most of them I’ve heard from people in different floors. Right. They have to get away. Right. Because you get distracted. It’s hard to focus plus your fight

Speaker 1:                           [00:11:34]               to have opinions, especially when you’re, when we are involved with so many different aspects of a business and, and, and what we do. So, but um,

Speaker 3:                           [00:11:45]               well she’s right. Let’s just, let’s just say it right here. She’s right. She’s right. You’re wrong. I mean, let’s just get that straight. That’s the way is. Yes sir. You know, what are the other things that I love what you guys do in, um, and uh, Richard was in episode [2:49]. You get his whole backstory in that and we spent a lot of time talking about meetups and groups and what the benefit is done. But I think what’s cool about you guys and it’s you guys together, I think that’s one of the, the what I hear from a lot of people, this is a very lonely business. It is. I mean, I think about it now today, I was out on the road a crazy day, but a lot of times I’m in the warehouse by myself. I mean I’m literally, they’re working by myself almost all day. I don’t talk to a person. Sometimes I leave in the morning and then I don’t get home until late. Sometimes I don’t talk to anybody. You guys make it a point to make sure that you have people in your life, in your meetups that are, you know, have the same interests. And what’s Kinda cool is that you’re helping them and so it really enriches what you do. Is that, is that an accurate statement?

Speaker 1:                           [00:12:51]               Yeah, that, you know, quite honestly, one of the reasons we met the meetup people were we went to Ebay. Oh, open or whatever they call it, the Ebay lie back then I want to say it was 2005 in Las Vegas and they were talking about what these things are. And back then we were like, you know, wow, it’s so amazing to go to a conference or go to a, an event like Ebay open or Ebay lie because there’s so many people that you meet that are doing the same thing you’re doing and you know, when you work out of the home, you don’t get to meet these people. So these people have this idea of setting up meetups where you could go and introduce yourself to other people. So our goal then was to really introduce ourselves to other people doing the same kinds of things, uh, that we do. And that was mostly selling on Ebay at the time. And so, uh, it was kind of fascinating to me and, uh, and I thought it was a great way to do connections with, with other people and, and help each other. That was the whole idea.

Speaker 3:                           [00:13:55]               And at that point it was, it was mostly based on Ebay. All right. It was mostly, that’s what it was and that was the focus. But I was thinking about this, you know, as was preparing for the call today, it’s really evolved. I mean, you know, because Amazon has become such a dominant force in commerce, but today, you know, on almost every per, you know, especially if you’re private label a lot, I’ll have shopify stores all have other avenues to pursuing or they’re selling them on. Um, I saw somebody was selling stuff on instagram the other day, right? They were just literally selling some of their products on instagram or on facebook. It’s become a completely different conversation. Has N each meetup has been evolving over time.

Speaker 1:                           [00:14:38]               Yeah. Um, it’s been very interesting for us to make that change. You mentioned, so your old Dude, you’re not supposed to change. I mean, it says, hey, that’s the way it goes. The amazing part about that is when connect with us at our conference or whatever, they don’t realize how really how old, how old we are because I’m dealing with people that are millennials or younger or whatever that are doing very, very well. All of this. But you know, we’ve learned each thing. We, we now have a shopify store. We had an are are appealing was a regular store that my wife ran, but now we have a shopify store. We’re selling on Amazon, we’re selling on Etsy A. we’re selling on facebook. We do some facebook advertising. They are to try and sell. So yeah, I mean this has evolved that it’s mind blowing sometimes to try and figure out what direction you’re going to go. So what’s the best way to figure that out is to meet other people that are doing it. That’s why I have the meetups.

Speaker 3:                           [00:15:45]               I think what’s so cool to me as I’m listening to this again, you guys are now leading that to say, hey, if we can do, you can do it. Look, we’re old, me, Steve Wright were old and so we could sit back and say, hey, if we could do it, you could do it. So it takes away. It’s almost like I use this description with somebody the other day. It’s almost like you give them permission because they’re sitting there like, oh, should I don’t know what I could. When you see us doing it, you’re like, oh, I can’t, can’t be that hard. It’s not meant to be self deprecating to you and me, but it’s true. Right? If we could figure it out, they could figure it out.

Speaker 1:                           [00:16:24]               Well, we have a different lifestyle that we need to be able to figure it out. So you know, if I was depending on social security or whatever to do the things that we want to do, it’s not going to support me. So to make it fun and enjoy it. One of the biggest examples I’ll never forget, just a couple months ago, we had a couple that do instagram. Give us a at our meetup, a demonstration and everything, explaining how this thing where and I’m like, it’s fascinating to me. I look so forward to listening to their podcasts or whatever they call it on instagram lives and [9:00] every morning I’m like, it’s fascinating to me and I’m like, I’ve never been on there. Never saw before and here I learn from people that are probably 25, 30 years younger than we are and it’s fun,

Speaker 3:                           [00:17:16]               but yet you have an instant connection with them. You have your like kindred spirits in some ways where you might never have connected with. You know what I mean? If it wasn’t for this ecommerce world, you might have nothing in common with them.

Speaker 1:                           [00:17:30]               That weird. Yeah. It’s so weird and they have thousands of followers on instagram that they do every day and I always try to have it. I could tell you who it was, but at any rate it. And it fascinates me that all of the questions that come over that they try to answer when they’re doing their podcasts or whatever they call it and, and, but to me it’s amazing that people are willing to answer these questions and help other people out that are all sitting behind a computer somewhere and they’ve got people from Australia on these podcasts and things. So it is, it’s incredible to me,

Speaker 3:                           [00:18:12]               Andy and I, you know, in our precall we’re talking about, we share a warehouse somewhere. Both. He’s got me inspired to do these warehouse Wednesday, so I do mine and he does his and we have different groups that we talked to or what have you. But he said something the other day, he was given out three things you need to do for private label is what he was talking about. A number one or two, three, whatever it was in order was networking. And it was one of the biggest deals. And for him and I, you know, his point is, hey, we met through facebook and that was like three or four years ago and now best friends and we share space. And we do, we traveled together, we do a whole bunch of things together and the networking that you’re getting from that meetup that evolves in Econ, Chicago, and we’ll talk about that in a moment or two, but the networking that you’re getting has brought you real honest to goodness relationships. Is that fair to.

Speaker 4:                           [00:19:00]               Oh, absolutely. I talk about it. Let’s talk about some of them. Wait, we’ve made. We’ve made friends. We’ve made connections. We we can deal with if we need something done or if we need help with something, we know who to contact. It’s amazing. People have been as much as we’re giving to them, they’re giving back to us and within. You didn’t expect that,

Speaker 3:                           [00:19:28]               right? I mean you didn’t go into it like, hey, let’s go suck off all their, you know, their energy or all the ideas.

Speaker 4:                           [00:19:34]               No, no. When we first started with the meetup, we had Richard and maybe one other person showed up and over the years it grew. But that one person who showed up and helped us understand their business and helped us understand what we needed to do to grow me up and grow our business. And so we large from there, it, it, it’s incredible. We do this every month and every month we have new people we welcome with open arms. And can you think you might be able to show me something. So it’s a learning experience on both ends

Speaker 3:                           [00:20:25]               when the new people that are coming. Because that’s interesting to hear. What um, what’s their demographic like? Are they older? Are they younger? Are they full time, part time? Are they, are they lost? I mean it’s probably all of the above, but if you had to, if you kinda had to profile on a why are they coming be what type of individual are they? You know, age wise, employment wise,

Speaker 4:                           [00:20:49]               Ash, we’ve had a little bit of everything. We’ve had the school teacher who comes in and she wants to get rid of her parents’ stuff. If he had the, um, entrepreneurs who know a hell of a lot more than we do and they’ve come in. We’ve had the people in between who are just looking for some way to connect with other people to get more information and more help and just more friendships. So we have had a. The New People are all over the board.

Speaker 3:                           [00:21:28]               Here’s one more thing I was thinking about. You don’t need to go to a meetup to get information. You know, as you mentioned information. I was sitting there thinking about information overload. If you google, you know, selling on Amazon, selling on Ebay, selling on Etsy, where if you imagine youtube, I imagine hundreds of millions of hits come back with all these things. It’s overwhelming how much information, but when you meet somebody face to face, when you hear somebody say it up on stage or in your case because you’re just doing a small meet up, um, when, when they’re hearing that, when they get to talk to you afterwards, like, oh wow. And then you can follow up with the question because you always have a burning question. It changes the learning. At least it does for me about what you guys have seen.

Speaker 1:                           [00:22:16]               Yeah. I’m going back when we talked about the networking and things, it’s just fascinating to me being in the sign business that I was, one of the first things we ever did was joined our local chamber and I think we’ve been members for like 25 years or whatever. We still go to networking meetings at least once a month, if not twice, if we can get them more with our chamber members just to get back into the swing of things with that. But it’s just amazing to me how much of the networking is so important to the other people because a lot of that happens after we have our presentation, whoever our guests may be for that month or whoever we have our skype in or whatever are usually just fascinating people to listen to. Um, but after the event is over and I’m packing everything up and my projector and blah blah, blah, blah, blah. There’s probably 20, 30 people that stay and hang out and just talk to each other and they’re just amazed. I’ve talked to. People are amazed that, wow, thank you for so much for the connection with so and so. They know so much more about this and uh, so it, it is fascinating what you can do networking with other groups and people are happy to get out. It’s not always about learning everything online because can you always believe everything you hear online?

Speaker 3:                           [00:23:38]               No. It’s an absolute truth. I mean, when you see it face to face, there is something different and when we say there’s a made right, you can actually, I feel more comfortable reaching out to you guys because I met you face to face. So now all of a sudden the relationship went from just an email or a facebook message to face to face. We, we, we had a drink together, we had coffee together, whatever. It changes things and then all of a sudden it again, it takes that relationship from a transactional. I don’t know if I want to use that term the right way, but to now a like a wow. Like you’re a human being. I’m a human being. It’s different, right? It because we are as humans. I mean, we, we, we need that kind of connection.

Speaker 1:                           [00:24:23]               Yeah, I, I agree with that entirely and that’s, that’s part of the reason why we still go to our chamber events. We still need to to go and network with the people that we’ve done business with before and make sure that they’re, they’re aware that we’re still around and you know, whether it’s sitting around for a drink, usually it’s business after hours which are a lot of fun, but you get to meet the people again and always does new members that are coming in and out and I enjoy telling them some of the best stories that I ever had and how I got some of the best business at, at being a chamber member for so many years. Because when you tell them you’ve been a member for 25 years, the person that they say is why you get from it. Yeah. Yeah. What, what, what’s in it for you? What’s going on? Why would you pay your dues every year to be in this group? And I explained to them, you have to learn the way to make the people that are going to get you to connections, that are going to find people you never know who you’re going to be talking to. At any event that doesn’t know somebody that needs the service that you have or you have to offer, whether it’s a service or a or whatever you’re doing, you never know.

Speaker 3:                           [00:25:36]               Yeah, it’s interesting you mentioned the chamber. I’m thinking about private label people, you know. Do you know it’s, it’s a little different because you have a business or you have a signed business, you had one and you still have. It’s online now, but I’m thinking about somebody who sells, you know, I’m looking at my team. My wife made me a coffee, a tea, so it’s a coffee mug. And if I’m in the coffee mug business and selling them online, why not join your local chamber? If this is my private label product? The opportunities that you don’t know what you can find locally. Because I always say this about wholesale because we sell wholesale mostly. And so for me, there’s a company in my town that makes these special knives that are used for a cutting machine that’s like old. They’re the only ones making it.

Speaker 3:                           [00:26:20]               You wouldn’t know it, you never heard them, you never, unless you’re in that industry, you’d never know they exist, but they’re here and they employ a bunch of people. And so you would never know that unless you went to a chamber of Commerce meeting. So I’m thinking about is this applicable to the listeners who are in the private label business, right? Creating their own products and selling them. Is there an opportunity for them to be, to go a little more local to see if those relationships or if you’re a wholesaler like me who sells wholesale products, joining your chamber and hey, I sell products, you might meet a whole bunch of manufacturers that are in your town. Or let me make one more leap. If I’m an Ebay seller looking to source inventory opportunities, I like scale. Like I like today I picked up six or eight pallets of stuff, right? I like buying scale where I can buy a whole bunch of inventory for somebody at a dirt cheap price and then I have a ton of inventory to sell. Are these opportunities that I don’t hear anybody else talking about joining their local chamber of Commerce? To be honest with you, Richard, just you and I’m just sitting here thinking, is this a miss that we are all missing?

Speaker 1:                           [00:27:27]               Well, in my case I, since we were in the sign business, we still are. We still have a lot of little local companies that we deal with. So we’re not at of that. We’ve gotten away from doing all of the backlit signs, the bigger stuff, digging big holes and things like that. I saw all of that out. But um, the, the one thing that brings it to mind to me is an a in my case, um, you meet people that may have that inventory or may want to learn how to sell that inventory that they have leftover. And I’ll give you an example with the forklift company that I know they were looking to sell forklifts. Well, the owners wanted to sell new forklifts on Ebay, well, very competitive market. There’s many, many years ago, many, many years ago. And I says, you know, one of the best things you can do is sell the used parts that you have coming back from the trade ins and things that you don’t need or you could just can’t fix and blew that up into a total big business for that company to the fact that they were just like, you know, once I showed them what they needed to do, got paid for consultations or whatever, they’ve figured out how to disassemble, clean up their, stop the parts that we’re going to sell, the things that weren’t and so on and so forth, and grew that business, uh, immensely.

Speaker 1:                           [00:28:46]               So. Is there a niche there? It could be, um, we’re in one of the, in our, in our town, we are one of the largest industrial towns in the country as elk Grove village, Illinois. Our Park district is massive. So we have a lot of opportunities out here for people that have maybe left over a product or whatever. And so yeah, it’s interesting. Yeah. Yeah, it’s fun.

Speaker 3:                           [00:29:13]               That might interest, you know, I, I, uh, when I buy from a industrial places two or boxes and shipping supplies and most people, like what I’m like when they get pallets of boxes in and they changed their boxes over, I’m a buyer and if it’s the size that I could, we do a lot of merchant fulfill. I’m a buyer because when I can buy boxes for, you know, three cents, eight cents, I’m buying them all. I’ll take how many pallets you got. I’ll take them all because I’ll use them. And so I show pictures of my warehouse. So he’s like, what do you got a lot of boxes to you? I’m like, yeah, but I paid nothing for them and I use them and they come from industrial places, so I’m always keeping an eye out for those. Um, that’s a little pro tip. Look for industrial auctions.

Speaker 3:                           [00:29:51]               Look for industrial. If you have warehouses, we have a, we have a huge amount of warehouses in my town. They have excess inventory or packing supplies and we use that stuff in our world. So little pro tip there. Um, I think, I think the other thing that happens is like with you, I think of Dean or I think of Mark, you guys have now taken those relationships even further where like you said, if, if, if you needed backup warehouse space or if you needed to receive merchandise or whatever, that’s where a lot of people always like, hey, how do I receive a p? I helped somebody shipped something real heavy and I’m like, just find a seller by you that has a warehouse and he didn’t know anybody. And I’m always like, man, there’s somebody you got to know. And so those relationships, by going to these meetups, you then get a chance to take that relationship further. And it’s not like you’re using them, you know, you’re going to give back. But it’s like, hey, if I got to pay somebody, I’d rather pay rich than pay somebody who’s not related in my industry. You know what I mean?

Speaker 1:                           [00:30:58]               Oh, absolutely. And it’s funny you mentioned that because we’ve just been in connection with somebody. It’s a possible sponsor or, or Econ and, and uh, the companies ship Bop and they’ve got warehouses all over the country now or whatever, but we always, if we need something shipped up to market bubble fast or I’ve got a local friend that, that I’ve done business with before for shipping some of my bigger items, uh, right here in the town next door. I, I easily can turn people on that are on my meetup, will say, hey, have them dropped a pallet over there. They’ll take care of it. You don’t, they’ll save it for you. They’ll put it in their warehouse, you go empty it off when you need to. And it works out great. And I think dean, I know you’re talking about Dean Kagan probably, and they have the same kind of relationships with people, uh, yet, uh, from our group. She’s got a warehouse now, uh, and uh, you know, they’re over here. They share spaces. Yeah. A lot of people do that. And that’s, that’s awesome for people like us that are looking for deals.

Speaker 3:                           [00:32:01]               And again, it becomes, it’s coming from this networking and I just, I want to make sure we keep enforcing this, that this is a huge piece. It’s probably a three piece stool to your business and networking is one of the real, uh, legs, the real strong legs because that’s where your answers are. I mean, you can go out and ask it in a facebook group, you’re going to get 50 different opinions, but when I know you and I’ve met you face to face and I know you’re a strong business, it’s not just numbers. Somebody posts on a screen. I get to see you working and getting it’s different and that when you have that ability, it just makes it, makes it, it makes me tingle when I think about it because it’s the number one thing people should do. And I still get people every so often, but I’m not like that Steve. I’m shy. I’m afraid I’m how much? And you get those people to come to these events. How do you get them to come out of their shell and start talking?

Speaker 1:                           [00:32:54]               What are the first things that I’ll always try to do is find out, I can pretty much tell by regulars and then I know the people that are new, um, uh, just uh, beverly takes care of our, um, our name tags and things for us, but I can tell the people that have been there before, they haven’t, it even says first timer on So, you know, they’re the first time when they’re bringing a guest or whatever. So, uh, after I get things set up, we’ll, we’ll try and reach out to those people and maybe they see them walking in. I’ll say, hey, you ought to sit over here by these folks. They’ve been.

Speaker 3:                           [00:33:26]               So you’re connecting pod. That’s smart. That’s very smart.

Speaker 1:                           [00:33:31]               Yes. And that’s the whole goal is so that they can, if they’re new and they haven’t sold anything yet or they’re just started, but what better can you be there? Put them next to mark and Robin from Buffalo

Speaker 4:                           [00:33:44]               or has Z I guess if they’re selling on Ebay or they want to sell. So you look at the people who are there in attendance and you try to try to match them out. It helps they come away with warm feelings.

Speaker 3:                           [00:34:01]               Well, I think it’s very important and so I assume then most groups are probably the same way. So therefore if you’re nervous about going to one of these meetups, there’s the answer right there. That’s what you have to do. Go and just say hey, or, and if somebody said to you, hey, I don’t know anybody, could you make maybe match me up with somebody who sells on Amazon so I could or whatever. And I just think that that’s such a great idea. Um, okay. So let’s move on to econ. Chicago. I did have another thought and it is an age thing. It went in and out right out the other way. Alright. ECON Chicago, one of my favorite conferences. It’s funny, we were talking to the pre call. What I love about this conferences do your ability to break away and just go and discuss things.

Speaker 3:                           [00:34:45]               Because the coolest thing about this one is generally, and this is generally the bar, the restaurant is right next door to the hotel, it’s like one of the easiest things. So it’s not far from the airport. Once you get there, you basically don’t leave too far. The only the farthest weekend is to go get coffee at starbucks because the starbucks you have to take an uber to. That’s the only negative. Um, so you got to do something about that Richard. But it’s the truth. It’s really literally the conversation just moves from building to building from lobby to. I mean, it’s just hilarious to me that it just, there’s always a conversation at breakfast. It’s the next group of people. I mean it’s just, it’s just a continual conversation. Is that your experience too?

Speaker 1:                           [00:35:27]               Yeah. Well, you know, this is our fifth year and we started at. That was one of the things that always excited me about where we we’re doing and that’s why we have large the building or the venue room because as we, as we were studying the craft people in, it just wasn’t comfortable. And um, you know, people don’t like sitting right next to each other, so we’ve opened up the and we give them a lot of space. But the other thing is we have the opportunity to go out of the role and they can go and sit in the hallway, like you said, it’s connected also to the hotel, which also has another room, the breakfast room that’s open all of the time that you can go in and sit. It’s not open for food, but it’s open to go in and have meetings if you want to talk to other people. Um, so yeah, and you know, you want to go have lunch somewhere else, you don’t have to stay for lunch, it’s included in the price. But if you want to go do that and you’ve got several locations right down the street,

Speaker 3:                           [00:36:27]               they’re right across the parking lot. I mean a coffee place. It’s not starbucks, but here’s a coffee place. But then the, the sports bar right next door. We’ve been eating there every year that I’ve been going. And it’s been great. And I mean, it’s just so easy and convenient because again, it’s like right there. I love that about it. Okay. So let’s talk about it. It is October 18th through the 20th this year. So it’s three days. Um, and full price is $199, right? Right. Full price is $199. Now what does $199 get me?

Speaker 1:                           [00:37:03]               Well, I’ll tell you, we’ve got, we’ve got quite a bit going on this year, but it’s a, we’ve got umpteen amount of speakers that are coming out this year, but including in the three days you will get a, we now have a, a platinum sponsors. So a Thursday we’re having what they call the vendor day, which is going to be one room setup. Well, somebody gave us the suggestion and said, hey, you know what, we got a lot of people coming in and maybe we should have what we’re going to call coach’s corner. So we rented another room. It’s going to be right next to the other rope. So you go into the, when you went to see a different vendor to see what they’re operating or whatever, you’re going to have that with the pre show vendors, different vendors at different times. Um, and then I’m right next to it is going to be tables set up in another room where you can go and talk to some of the speakers, sponsors or whatever.

Speaker 1:                           [00:37:55]               They’re going to have little tables set up. Well, that little tables pretend you go in there and you can set up a time you go in and talk to different people. So where can you go? Like we talked earlier, possibly, and talked to a, maybe it’s a mark from bubble fast about some different things that you may want to have. What’s shipping information? Maybe it’s a myself with the sign business or whatever as we’re sitting inside this role. Oh, all of the speakers that are going to be available to go in and talk, you know, it’s going to be John Lawson is going to be there. We’ve got a Glen Zubia who’s an amazing,

Speaker 3:                           [00:38:30]               amazing, amazing.

Speaker 1:                           [00:38:32]               Yes he is. And, and Dave [inaudible], uh, who, who does Ebay flipping a, they’re going to be sitting at a table, a Barbara Bullshit where you can just go in there and talk to them, no chart, what would normally they will charge a consulting fee or whatever the way you do, you’ll be able to go in there and talk with these people, direct talk to some of the lawyers that we have coming or whatever. Um, I’m not sure exactly who’s going to be in the room. We’re still waiting for people to sign up, but that’s going to be gone. I’m going all day in that second rule

Speaker 4:                           [00:39:04]               and the sponsors, they’re going to be getting vendor demos. So if somebody wants to find out a little bit more about the product or the service, they can go in and ask the questions. So that is going to be available on Thursday as well. So we’re calling it a three day conference. Not True Jade, because the third day being Thursday is included in the cost as well. And um, and then besides that we have, um, continental breakfast is included. We have lunches are included, uh, on, on Friday and Saturday, and actually if people sign up for the pre show vendor Jay, we’ll have pizza available during the lunchtime as well. And um, Friday night we have the Karaoke party. That’s the only thing. I’m not a fan. I’m not a karaoke, I’m just a check. He does come out and you have great voices and it’s so much fun. It’s another way of networking.

Speaker 3:                           [00:40:19]               It does a rich puts on here. Most everybody else lets their hair down, but it is a way to break the ice too because everybody is vulnerable then. Right? They show a little side of themselves to say I’m not so stuffy. Um, and you’ll never get steve there because Steve’s not a karaoke fan. But, but I was there, but I mean never get me up to sing, you know, one of the things I was thinking about too when you’re saying about the vendors, because I think this is a thing that people are intimidated when nobody’s pitch. You know, I’m thinking about, because I talked to every vendor when I’m ever there. Nobody’s pitching me, you know, it’s not like they’re up their inventory lab, you know, Kim’s there. It’s not like they’re pitching you. They’re just saying, hey, our products are great and here’s what you could do.

Speaker 3:                           [00:40:57]               Oh, do you have that problem? Let me show you. And what I always say is they have the answers to every problem I have in my business. Every challenge I’ve run into, they have a client that has had that problem. And so whenever I’m around these vendors, I’m always like, Hey, have you seen this? Or do you know anybody who handles this? And either they’ll connect to you or they’ll say, yeah, we’ve had that. Here’s how one guy did it. And it’s like, oh, it’s like you’re, it’s like you’re at the wizard of Oz and they’re like there with the answer. They have all these answers and they’re not pitching you. And I think that’s important. Um, to really go take of that. Just to hear neato skin. That dude’s crazy smart. And you know, I don’t use the services, but every time I talk with them I walk away smarter because he shares with you. And he shows you his demonstrates some things that they’re doing or whatever, and it really gets you thinking. I think that that’s one of the things that people don’t do enough of. Would you agree?

Speaker 1:                           [00:41:54]               Oh, absolutely. And that’s one of the things that when we started this five years ago or whatever, we said we want to have our sponsors. These people are the ones that are paying for the synthesis how weight and keep it so reasonable. These people help pay to keep the event going and we want them in the rule when with the, the, uh, 10 days and that way during the breaks and things, they can go around to all of these tables and, and visit with the other people that are there. And, and that is a key to networking and a key to being with that because a lot of people don’t know what’s out there and what they can use or what’s available in the ecommerce industry. So it’s, it is fascinating. So yeah, I’m meeting other people, whether you can use their surfaces or not is incredible.

Speaker 3:                           [00:42:49]               You’re going to get smarter. Ashlyn, uh, my insurance agent is there Ashlin hadden. And so she’s there another powerful thing if you’re not carrying insurance or if your insurance is it right, or if you get reclast and your workman’s comp like we did, those are the conversations you have with an expert right there on space, right? He didn’t charge me anything extra. A matter of fact, you don’t even have to be a client of hers and she’s going to spend some time with you. Um, there’s interesting. There’s two lawyers, so you get cj Rosenbaum smart as heck he’s going to be there. But then you also have some intellectual property, law lawyers that are going to be there. This issue is becoming bigger and bigger. Um, those who are selling a merge, for example, um, Glenn Zoo, Bob there and Chris Green will be there, merge, merge, merge guys. Um, but property law is becoming an intellectual property. Law has become a big issue and so you’re going to hear from some experts, but then you’re going to get a chance to talk to them face to face. These guys in Chicago, lawyers are pretty expensive, aren’t they?

Speaker 1:                           [00:43:47]               I always say that when we have our meetups and stuff, generally in January, I’m a meetup with accountants, Cpas, you get to Cpas, answering questions. If anybody has ever dealt with a CPA in Chicago and had to pay, I mean it’s been what you would pay what you’re learning and you get for free. Same thing with a lawyer. These guys are out. I’m sure they’re going to want some business if they can, but you’re going to be able to talk to them and ask them questions. If they refuse the answer you maybe it’s something that you do have to have a consultation with just because it is very serious what you’re talking about. So yeah, I can’t imagine. It’s probably at least $300 an hour. I would say minimal.

Speaker 3:                           [00:44:28]               Now I want to make sure people’s. Steve, you’re pitching this conference. Steve doesn’t benefit from this other than if you go, you meet a whole bunch of people. Hopefully me. I think I’m going to try and be there this year. I. I have not committed. Yes. My one thing I haven’t been able to commit yet just because we got, so we’re going to be in Florida, we got, I would have to come back, so we’re, we’re trying to make it work, but you’re going to meet so many people, so when can you get to spend time with Chris Green face to face? Jason t dot Smith. John Lawson, face to face. Um, I mean the list goes on. And Robin Johnson, one of the smartest wholesale people I know. Brand expert, right face to face. Eddie, Lavonne and Greg Gilpin. Both the mysterious Greg, Greg Gilpin. Most people don’t get to meet Greg. They’re both there this time.

Speaker 3:                           [00:45:10]               Cynthia stine. Kathy trail. I mean you’ve got a phenomenal group of people that you can go and have conversation with. Brianna mower green. Oh my God. I’m super, super smart. Super talented. Barbara Bush, and it’s a phenomenal list of people. Well, market a Robin Lavonne from bubble, fast enrich and Nilah Siack, right? So experts that you’re going to get to talk to us if you’re thinking about a meetup group of your own. This is the group that talked to the pluses and the minuses and there are minuses. Um, this is the group you want to talk with and I think, I think, again, I can’t enforce it enough. What I like about this one, first off it is q four, but it’s kind of a little time, you know, you’ve already got your first kick in and it Kinda gets you some energy to get started for the following year. It seems to be a planning time for me. That’s what I like about it. I always hang out with Karen Locker and we always talk about the new year and it just, it Kinda helps me in my planning for next year. It seems to be, um, what have you experienced for your business from that event for, for the following year? Does it help you launch?

Speaker 1:                           [00:46:17]               Yeah. Well I’ve got to be honest with you, you know, that was a, it was two years ago when we first learned about Merck, I believe it was, uh, we, we started there right after that and put our application in for, for selling tee shirts and things. I’m grown that a little bit. I haven’t had a heck of a lot of time, believe it or not, running these kinds of conferences take up a lot of time and energy. But um, you know, so we did merge that one year. Uh, we’ve constantly learning now this year we’ve got ebay coming out again, but they’re sending out this year and, and uh, you know, I believe Bryan Burke’s going to be there and one of the big, uh, the big guys from from Ebay has been there for a long, long time. I mean, it’s fabulous to get these people enter and you can actually sit and talk and he writes down when you have problems and things. So having that corporate backing and, and having those people that are really interested in coming up sell how is our platinum sponsor. There’s what a phenomenal idea concept that they have and it’s in the planning stages there were very interested in learning how well they’re going to be our guest for me to have this September twelfth.

Speaker 3:                           [00:47:26]               Yeah. This is the one where the APP you, you, they, they have app that you take pictures in and then you get to take it. It does a couple of things, right. But it helps you place them on multiple platforms. To me that’s very. I just had this conversation with somebody because we sell on poshmark and it’s a little bit of a hassle to put it on poshmark in and another platform because they’re not linked. Well, so hound is in Beta right now with a platform or with a, with an APP, right where you can do this right on your phone.

Speaker 1:                           [00:47:55]               Yeah, it’s going to be phenomenal. So we’re, we’re really looking forward to that coming out. But as you said, talking to the different sponsors and learning what can make my business run better and faster and cheaper and whatever it needs to do to, uh, to, you know, grow. I mean, I think everybody wants to try and grow their business.

Speaker 3:                           [00:48:18]               Well, and the other thing you’re going to do, and you just said something that clicked in my head, is those vendors are also going to tell you what they’re working on. Wouldn’t it be cool, like I only knew about this cell hound, uh, it’s been within the last month, month and a half because somebody mentioned it to me, right? And I’m like, oh, that’s interesting because this would solve a problem that I have. It would solve a problem for particular line that we sell. And so it’s very interesting to me that, that when you talking to those vendors and they’re saying, oh yeah, we’re working on this. It’s like, Whoa, now if I know that I can make business adjustments and start planning our business and steering it that way, knowing that this is coming. And I think again, I can’t enforce it enough for the impact it can have on your life.

Speaker 3:                           [00:49:03]               And the other thing that’s so cool is, I mean when you go, I mean it’s, you know, three, 400 people, you get to know all of them. I mean, it’s just incredible to me that, you know, how friendly and how open it is because you’re seeing him at breakfast. Are you seeing them at lunch and you’re seeing them having coffee or next door at a restaurant? That’s what I like again, and everything is, I mean it, I don’t think I walked, you know, 500 yards, you know, I mean it’s like literally the room, the hotel and the restaurants are all right next to each other. So I think it’s very, very convenient. Okay. Okay. So let’s talk about the actual events. So it’s $199. Is there any discount? Any little squeak you can give my listeners anything they could do to get a little bit of better deal,

Speaker 1:                           [00:49:47]               you know what I’ll do is I’ll give you the one that will give them a $30 off.

Speaker 3:                           [00:49:53]               So it’s 30 bucks. Saved, not saved 30 bucks, but you have to buy, you have to take some of that $30 and buy me a beer. That’s the deal.

Speaker 1:                           [00:50:03]               I would definitely buy you what I wish. I wish we had time to go to a brewery that’s here in town, but I don’t know if it would have time, but if they use the cold meetup, eight m, e e t top eight, the number, the number eight. Yeah. Eight. Um, that will give them a $30 off so that, that reset, not $3, $30 yesterday. That gives you the $30 off the one 99 to one 69, which is almost a price of what we had for our original early. Yeah,

Speaker 3:                           [00:50:41]               early bird. Yeah. Let’s think about this. This includes lunch. I mean this is like, I mean this is a pretty big deal. They put out quite a bit of food. I mean this is all included and there’s a continental breakfast every morning you’re going in and there’s, I mean the hotel has it, but then you go in and they have coffee and they have a pastries and stuff set up for you right there all morning. I mean it was there all morning,

Speaker 1:                           [00:51:02]               right? Yeah, we, we’ve set that up so that um, you know, because a lot of people may come in later or whatever, but we make sure that we get enough of, as you saw, we never ran out of anything, never ran out of any launches a. and then also what we’re doing for the Karaoke party is going to be a pizza party included, which is sponsored by ECON, Chicago and our cell. How a platinum sponsor. So we’ll have pieces where you. So you could also say that that’s a dinner if you want. Um, so, you know, for that price, I think it’s, it’s a great deal and we look forward to meeting everybody again and it’s awesome.

Speaker 3:                           [00:51:45]               Well, it’s definitely the most affordable. Um, and again, it’s so easy to get in. You’re flying into Chicago, you fly into o’hare, right? Is that the right airport?

Speaker 1:                           [00:51:53]               Yes, that’s correct. That’s the easiest one to get to. I know people that came in through a fuel midway and they did some sharing with riots or whatever. And if you stay at the hotel, the country inn and suites, you have to crawl in advance to make arrangements, but they have a shuttle bus that will pick you up at o’hare midway. And O’hare O’hare, if you make arrangements, they will also take you to all hair as well. But everything has to be made through, uh, the, uh, I can’t do that.

Speaker 4:                           [00:52:23]               And it’s daytime hours basically. So if you come in at [12:00], midnight won’t be available. Check the hours. A chart with the whole child.

Speaker 3:                           [00:52:38]               Now there’s a hotel. Give me a better price. A. Do we get a better price for the hotel? Because it’s a conference.

Speaker 1:                           [00:52:43]               Yes.

Speaker 4:                           [00:52:45]               They can go to the hotel at night at camp. I know it’s a good deal, but I don’t remember exactly what we have A.

Speaker 1:                           [00:52:55]               I’m trying to frame right now. I believe it’s $109.

Speaker 3:                           [00:52:59]               I mean it’s just like eminent and people have to hear this. I mean it, it’s, it’s really a good place. It’s clean and it’s so this how. And they always have cookies. It’s right. They always have cookies out there but it’s a, it’s pretty inexpensive. Everything about it is kind of, you know, affordable. And that’s what I like about it again. And you get these private conversation, it’s like it’s like a, it’s like that. And you’re in the middle of the country. I think that’s the other thing that’s attractive. So it’s just that kind of. Somebody said it’s like a in a kind of an old friends meet up, which is kind of cool. I think it’s a cool way to describe it. You know that.

Speaker 1:                           [00:53:33]               Yeah, I, I agree with you and that’s one of the reasons we started a locally so that we could bring our friends together from our meetup group and and outside people. And we never thought it was going to grow like it has, but it’s, it’s been phenomenal. And Yeah. So the green sweets or $96 and 86 bucks and the king streets are 106. A lot of people do is they may find somebody else that will share a room with them. So then yeah. One of the reasons, and this is why you said in October, but one of the reasons we did choose that time is it is at a much discounted rate for hotel space and it’s a must for us to get the room’s cheaper at the Belvedere. The banquet and conference center is a much better time in October that if I tried to do it in June, basic wedding time where you can’t get the rooms, travel times where people are traveling all over and it’s vacation time. So, uh, we decided that this is a good time to do it because of those rates that we can get on everything and also it, it, it benefits everybody as far as the Costco and that’s why we’re able to keep it down.

Speaker 3:                           [00:54:43]               And, and again, I would say that know three days investing in yourself. It’s one of the number one things and everybody asked me, Steve, what are the clues that these experts tell you? You know, I’ve had 300 and 340 episodes or something like that. Three hundred 40 interviews and it’s, this is one of them. You’ve got to spend time on yourself. You’ve got to invest in yourself at a busy time. Yeah, but guess what? You’re going to come back sharper because you’re going to come back prepared to either tackle what you got to tackle or planning for next year. Then Dan Miller told me that one time he’s like, Steve, this is when I plan my next year. There’s no surprises. I have that planned out and opportunity happens. I’m prepared because I’ve got that planned out and he always does it at this time of year and I just think it’s so powerful.

Speaker 3:                           [00:55:26]               I am going to do my best to get there even though I’m coming back from Florida. I am very excited about it because again, it’s the time I get to meet with all these people and have real conversations in a settled environment that I don’t have to worry about. You know, it’s like I love going to Vegas, but we’re always going to a dinner place where you can’t hear each other or you can’t, you know, you have to commute everywhere here. No, it’s walking and you’re walking next door and what have you. All right, so the goal of the podcast. So I want to do this again, so let me get this space right. So it’s Econ Chicago, like I want to make sure I say this right. So it’s ECON Chicago. Um, the website is econ Okay. So it’s ECON, The dates again are October 18th through the 20th.

Speaker 3:                           [00:56:06]               Um, it’s an elk grove village, Illinois. So it’s right outside of Chicago. Chicago goes on forever, but you fly into o’hare, it’s pretty easy. Uh, you already heard the price where the hotel dirt cheap, the event’s 199 bucks. He gave us a $30 off code use meetup eight to save 30 bucks, which is a big deal, right? So that helps. Um, and you go to Econ, Chicago Dot Com. Register now. And then in there it asks you for that Discount Code. So you use the meetup eight code to save your 30 bucks. So we got all that. I want to ask one more thing from you if you will, because you guys are experienced sellers. You’ve been selling for a long time now. I’m fascinated to hear. I can’t wait to see you face to face to talk to these other channels. So, you know, I, I, I, I’m interested to hear the difference between shopify and your old store because we sell on shopify. But I’m interested to hear that over over a beer, but just the fact that you’re selling on all these multiple channels, you figured a whole bunch of things out. It’s not always easy. Richard Nilah, how do you get past the point of stuck because you guys still must get stuck from time to time as experienced sellers. How do you guys get past the point of stuck that our listeners can hopefully apply into their business?

Speaker 1:                           [00:57:21]               Well, that’s a, it’s interesting. I think persistence. Um, my wife will last stop until she gets it right. Like I said, we’re selling on Amazon, etsy, and each, each, each platform is, is different. It’s not like we could just take everything that you have in your shopify store and throw it into etsy. And so, um, she’s very persistent and learning the right ways to do it. I gotta be honest with you. I know Ebay pretty much forward and backwards, but the shopify store is something that she handles

Speaker 4:                           [00:58:03]               we had before was very limited with the shopify. I’m, I’m very impressed so far. I still have a lot to learn, but there is so many more advantages. They have a, uh, it’s called kit or kid will help you with your marketing campaigns, whether mostly at facebook, uh, and give you ideas. And some of it, obviously it’s going to cost money if you’re going to put an ad on a. We don’t do that all the time, but they, they’ll read. The courts are amazing. So I’m really liking shopify. I just don’t have a lot more to learn.

Speaker 3:                           [00:58:52]               Okay. All right. But it, it the fact that you’re persistent, that’s what’s pushing you through it. And so that’s the advice you would give other sellers is be persistent. But I’m going to call. I’m going to add one more thing to it though and say again, networking period. I mean, I, you know, yes. I’m pushing this hard because again, there’s a whole bunch of people that I haven’t met and I go to most of these conferences and I’m always like, man, just somebody. Every time I. When somebody goes to their first one, they’re like, I never knew this really existed. I can’t believe I’ve been missing this for this long and I’m like, have you heard me say it a thousand times? It is true if you put yourself out there, if you’re vulnerable and admit that you don’t know everything, guess what? Every single person Steve’s come in there, doesn’t know everything rich.

Speaker 3:                           [00:59:34]               Do you know everything? Oh God, nope. Nope. Nilah no, she’s right. But she doesn’t know everything. Remember that right? Rich? She’s always right, but she doesn’t know. Right? But it’s true. And so to me this is the opportunity, so persistence, but then ask for help and make this set of friends at a place like econ Chicago. So hopefully you’ll see me there. So he comes Chicago Use that code, meet up eight, saved the 30 bucks guys. I really appreciate it. Um, and I’m really, I’m really trying my best to get there to make sure that I get to see you guys again. So I, I really appreciate it. Thank you so much. I’ll be back. I just want to add one more thing. Do you think you are, we are Wifi enabled. They’re instantly in an area where you’re, you’re, you can reach your customers and so forth. So that’s another thing I will say that about you guys too, is you’re not like all the time like, oh, everybody’s got to sit up here and now if you encourage people to go and do work, I mean that’s part of it. We all are that way and it’s nice to see somebody really refreshing to say, hey, we got to work too, and I appreciate that about you guys. So. Alright. Hey, thank you so much. I wish you nothing but success. Take care.

Speaker 3:                           [01:00:55]               What a great couple. They’re a real deal and there is kind and wonderful as they sound just like that in person and it’s so cool because you can just strike up a conversation with either one of them and your business will get help because you’re going to say, hey, I to have a shopify store and I’m struggling with this and we’re going to be like, well, here’s how I handle this or here’s what we used to do. Or you can help them. And again, the connections are and he knows everybody. She knows everybody, right? They’ve been doing this for a long time. That’s what you’re going to miss and you know. Yeah. That’s why I’m pushing it so hard because I think again, when you can go hang out with bubble fast and if you want to heal design boxes for you, he’ll help you with packaging issues, all that kind of stuff. It’s just so cool to give you a launch. I mean, it’s a nice, nice inexpensive way to really move forward your business and invest in yourself and then once you do, you’ll be at every conference because you’re going to get that value. ECOMMERCE, ecommerce Take care.

Speaker 2:                           [01:01:51]               Thanks for listening to the ECOMMERCE momentum podcast. All the links mentioned today can be Under base episode number, please remember to subscribe and the like us on

Speaker 3:                           [01:02:03]               wounds.




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