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329 : Ryan Gardner – Get Bucked up about your future! Use Amazon as one channel but build real product Ambassadors to help promote your products.

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So cool to see a great guy hit one out of the park. But you know, it was built into his life! Ryan’s life, Ryan’s environment helped shape him into the entrepreneur he is. (His whole family is) You see you have the opportunity to create a different life for your kids by getting them involved, getting them to find the passion in your business that they love. It’s there. Could be sourcing, could be listing, could be photography or social marketing. You see, let them find their lane and watch them bloom like Ryan. Great job Ryan’s parents!


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Transcript: (note- this is a new tool I am trying out so it is not perfect- it does seem to be getting better)

Ryan:                                     [00:00:00]               A person would come to us and say, Hey, I have this product or this service. All I would do is simply say, Hey, I will charge you this. Our, our affiliate network was a cost per acquisition company or a pay for performance, a company. So when somebody, when I would produce a sell for somebody, I’d say, Hey, I’m going to charge you $40 for every sale. I get you, and they’d go, great. I would just turn around to my publishers in my affiliate network and I’d pay him 35, so I would be basically a glorified broker. I’d be the middle guy putting the two people together.

Cool voice guy:                  [00:00:35]               Welcome to the ECOMMERCE. When we focus on the people, the products, and the process of ecommerce selling today, here’s your host, Steven Peters in.

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New Speaker:                   [00:08:17]               Welcome back to the ECOMMERCE momentum podcast. This is episode 329. Ryan Gardner, man. Oh Man. You are going to see what a brand looks like. You’re going to get to see that somebody who created a brand, him and his brother created a brand from nothing but have developed it so well. What? What it’s phenomenal to me is, you know Ryan takes care. He’s careful with his words. He’s very humble, but he’s careful to say, hey, we did a whole bunch of things right now. They did some stuff that they learned from, but all the stuff that they’ve done in their life up to this point has built them to this place where they’re able to take and make this leap into this business because they saw the opportunity. Why did they see the opportunity? Because their eyes are opened. If, if there’s nothing else that you get from this business.

New Speaker:                   [00:09:07]               So think about this. The Times that you went into target and scanned the end cap and then all of a sudden you’re like, Huh, if I buy this, I can make this amount of money. Your eyes got open, right? All of a sudden your perspective change. He would’ve never believed it. When you tell your friends that you can go into target or Walmart and buy stuff and resell it on Amazon and make money at it, they all look at like, come on, that’s impossible, but you now know better, right? So you have perspective. They took this perspective, saw an opportunity that was pointed out to him and he’ll explain it and ran with it. That’s the difference they executed. They did it a whole bunch of things right is Ryan says, but they took action and that’s the. That’s the essence of this conversation is taking action.

New Speaker:                   [00:09:49]               He is a really good example about the three opportunities to make money in your life. None of us are over the third. I don’t care how old you are and I’m an old dude. I’m not over the third. I’m still in the second, so I got the third one come. That’s the third opportunity. So figuring out where you are and then say, Huh, you’re right. This is. I don’t want life passing me by. And I think his advice is so sound. Again, you’ve got to go check out the website. It’s bucked up Dotcom, be UC, k, e, d up to come blow you away. Phenomenal Guy, phenomenal story, and just a great, great business, but a great, you know, great executioner. Again, took action. Let’s get into the podcast. Alright, welcome back to the ECOMMERCE momentum podcast for excited about today’s guest, Ryan Gardner. Welcome Ryan. How you doing? I’m doing really well. Not as well as you. I mean, is it our precall? We’re talking about Ryan’s out in the mountain state. I mean, it’s not called the mountain state, but I’m going to call it the mountain state. It is just beautiful country out in Utah. Um, and you know, you said off air, no strings. That, that’s the most magical place you’ve been. Most beautiful place you’ve got any because you’ve been all around the world fair.

Ryan:                                     [00:11:00]               Yes, I’ve, I’ve traveled quite a bit.

New Speaker:                   [00:11:03]               And so what, what is it that’s so beautiful to you about that place?

Ryan:                                     [00:11:08]               Well, you have everything from the mountains all the way down to lakes. Um, you know, you could, I mean in one day you could go skiing in the mountains and then you can come down and go water skiing on the lakes. So it’s a great place to be.

New Speaker:                   [00:11:24]               Do the mountains, still have snow on them right now?

Ryan:                                     [00:11:27]               Um, so they’ve pretty much wrapped up with this snow. There may be some glacier. I’m a little bit of glacier stuff, but not, not too bad. Uh, so on the back side of the mountains there may be just a little bit still left, but for the most part they’ve melted. So then

New Speaker:                   [00:11:43]               somebody wanted to go see snow in the US, go to Utah. You can still see a little peek at it. Were you always, did you always live in Utah?

Ryan:                                     [00:11:52]               Um, I’ve lived in Utah for most of my life. I did serve, um, you know, a Mormon mission in California, southern California for a couple of years, for two years,

New Speaker:                   [00:12:02]               two times. How. Wait, wait, wait, wait. Who Do you know who gives you southern California? Because some people get to go to a Chicago or they go to some. I don’t want to say Chicago. I’m in Chicago and winter they go to New York and Winter Buffalo. You could southern California. Yeah, it was great. You know, you’re a sports enthusiast and so did you, I mean, does that like made when you saw that it was like it was meant to be. I mean, that was, that was it.

Ryan:                                     [00:12:32]               It was a great, you know, I was, you know, when we, when we submit our paperwork, we just say, hey, we’ll go wherever you’d call us to go, you know what I mean? So when we got, I have an identical twin brother, he actually went to Seattle, Washington and I went to California. Arcadia.

New Speaker:                   [00:12:48]               Oh Dude. How, how, how’d that conversation go?

Ryan:                                     [00:12:51]               That was great. Well, west coast was

New Speaker:                   [00:12:52]               great, so he was okay even just going to see what’s the Seattle’s beautiful too, but not southern California. Beautiful. Right,

Ryan:                                     [00:13:00]               right. You can’t beat southern cal even eat. I just don’t see how people know why they would ever move from southern California.

New Speaker:                   [00:13:07]               You know, it’s that. It’s that story of eventually the whole thing’s gonna fall off and there’s this giant Earth k coming and then there’s going to be a tsunami and the only place left is going to be up in Utah because it’s, the water’s going to reach all the way there, but it’s not coming up that mountain. So I think that’s the only reason people leave. Um, and I guess also because of cost, I mean, it’s just so ridiculous, although Utah’s not cheap by any stretch fair,

Ryan:                                     [00:13:31]               but it’s, it’s a very, uh, you know, the cost of living here is very, very low, but it’s actually, it is rising quite a bit. In fact, we’ve seen, you know, housing jump up way high when adobe, Microsoft, all the big software companies have moved into what’s called Utah County, Utah Valley. Um, and a lot of it has caused inflation of the prices of homes and things like that. So they call it the mini silicone valley out here. So. Yeah, and I only rising,

New Speaker:                   [00:14:03]               I think it’s, I think that’s going to come up and later in the story because I just think that whole area. Um, and I mean, man, I don’t want to jump there yet because I just see a heavy Amazon concentration in Utah and I know it’s um, because it’s a mormon community that’s connected and they build a culture, they’re just like in Brooklyn that the Jewish community does very similar things and I just think it’s a very cool, um, how they work together and we can talk about that in a moment. But when you grew up was it kind of, I mean, I’ve had this discussion about education with so many different people because I’m, you know, I’m a college graduate and Advanced College graduate and I just don’t see half the value that it was. Um, and then I think about kids that are getting these college degrees and doing absolutely nothing with them. Now there’s value in getting the degree. Don’t get me wrong, you’re going to school in any way is good, but I don’t know that it prepares them. When you get a generic business degree or you know, I always say get an accounting degree rather than a business degree. And about you growing up, what was the focus culturally for you? I mean, were you steered a certain way?

Ryan:                                     [00:15:08]               I actually was. I was born and raised on a farm. Oh Wow. Clearfield, Utah. So I was actually born and raised on a farm and it all came down to hard work. Now my mentality has changed from working hard, working smart. Is Your Grandpa, is your grandfather still alive? No, he’s not. Okay. So I would just wonder what he would say about that. Oh, he’s all about hard work. They, they like to see the fruits of their labor right away, you know, where they’re cleaning off a certain area. They want to see that progress where me, I’m like, Hey, I’m looking at it longterm. Also, I like to look, look at it being smart because because of the way I was raised being on this farm, I mean, it really does come down to work ethic, um, and working hard but working smart at the same time.

New Speaker:                   [00:15:59]               So when, when they look at you then, I mean, do they see he’s a Wuss or has he gotten into

Ryan:                                     [00:16:05]               best of both worlds? There? Actually they love it because they see all the success that we’re having and we don’t have to do all of those annual things now. They’re really surprised I don’t have horses or things like that, but I’m like, Hey, I’ve got a, you know, a, a polaris rzr raising and that’s 110 horse right there. So, you know, it’s just a lot less maintenance, you know what I mean?

New Speaker:                   [00:16:28]               And that’s the generational difference right there. I mean that’s, that’s clearly the generation, but yet as you see a lot of similarities and they see a lot of similarities because your success did not come easily. Right. I mean I’m, I’m certain of that. Okay. So you were steered a certain way. You didn’t answer what that means. So you grew up on a farm where you going to be a farmer?

Ryan:                                     [00:16:47]               No, I’m so when I was about 14 years old, we kind of got rid of our farm and my, my mother actually went to work and she worked at a jewelry place and my parents eventually ended up owning this jewelry business where they had eight stores along the wasatch front. It’s called here and so it Kinda gave us this entrepreneurial spirit, so we saw what my parents did and we also help them in every one of their stores and there was times that we would go to these sidewalks cells, they call them sidewalk cells and we would be out there selling hair bows and get your ears pierced and things like that. So it’s like a, you know, they had a costume jewelry stores, there was eight of them and it was like a Claire’s boutique, like eclairs. So

New Speaker:                   [00:17:35]               and so is that attractive to you when you think back to those moments? Because some people be like, oh man, I gotta go work at my dad’s place. I’m a man, or wow, we get to do it again. This is exciting. Look at, we sold so much mom. Look at this, that kind of thing.

Ryan:                                     [00:17:48]               Where were you that we

New Speaker:                   [00:17:50]               sold so much? Like we would have these big cells and we would sell tons. So that was a mindset for you? Yes, and it made it to where I was like, Hey, I’d rather do this than be behind a desk, you know? And what, what does your dad and your mom, what was their direction did they say? Because I mean, you know, culturally it’s very common to own your own business culturally, right? I mean, that’s, that’s normal, right? But you didn’t come from, I guess the farming would have come from. They didn’t come from that, but I guess with farming they might have, um, I’m just interested to know where they like wow, he gets it. We’ve, we’ve now taught him to fish. He’s not going to just eat fish and go work for somebody. We’ve taught them the fish.

Ryan:                                     [00:18:34]               Yeah. You know, I came from a family where there was a eight kids, um, and so, and my mom and dad, so a total of 10 in our family and, and you know, every one of them pretty much have owned their own business because of the way we are brought up. Almost every one of us. There’s the, you know, um, most of the time we try to make it where the women in our family, you know, like, uh, my wife, she doesn’t work, but she’s home raising the children. We feel like that’s the most important. So you know, of the five boys, all of them own their own business.

New Speaker:                   [00:19:07]               Hmm. Now do the businesses crossover in any way or spun off from each other in any way?

Ryan:                                     [00:19:14]               Yeah. Yeah, they have, but there’s a lot of debt are completely different. Um, my, my older brother runs a cabinet company, one owns a turret press leave re restoration company. And then my brother, I have a, my youngest brother, he does social media, so he is like a social media agency where he helps people with their instagram accounts.

New Speaker:                   [00:19:40]               And so, so when, when you look back at the brothers, the one that run the cabinet company, I mean, did you know he was going to be a cabinet guy? Did he just have that and, and you know what I’m getting where I’m going, if, if the, if the business, uh, it sounds like the business acumen was taught by your parents was shown to this is the light, this is the way to go. Was the artist’s side. Because I think cabinet makings and art, I think you can be, if you’re not making, you know, cheap, I don’t want to put down Ikea, but you know, that kind of stuff. Um, would, would you look at each brother including yourself and look down the lines of the businesses they had and say, yeah, this is a perfect fit for him. That gift.

Ryan:                                     [00:20:18]               Yeah, it’s worked out. It seems like it’s worked out for each person that way where it’s like, oh, that fits you to a t.

New Speaker:                   [00:20:25]               So the exposure to the business and the business possibilities and teaching that this is a great lifestyle and all the rest of that, that’s the thing that probably afforded you all the opportunity to do it sounds like passion stuff if it’s so easy and it’s meant to be for you all.

Ryan:                                     [00:20:43]               Yep. Yeah, I, I, I agree with that, that statement.

New Speaker:                   [00:20:47]               I think that’s very cool. I think that’s, there’s a lesson there for parents right there, right? So instead of teaching them to be the best watercolors, let that happen naturally. Teaching the business side and then the water color is stuff will flow. If that’s what they want to do, and then they know how to make money at it because that’s probably one of the most important parts. Okay. So you go to school and you’re going to be what?

Ryan:                                     [00:21:10]               Well, I, I, I ended up going to a school called uv sc, which is now Uvu, Utah Valley University. Um, but I went there just for a short period of time. And really how this all comes about is my cousin graduated from the University of Utah. He gets out, he tells me, Hey Ryan, I just got a job offer for $42,000. I got my, you know, I just graduated from, from the University of Utah. And I went, wait, you’re making $42,000. That bit. I’m like, how much in student loans have goes? Oh, about 40 grand. And I’m like, no way. And at that point I was going to Uvu. I ended up getting my associates, but I immediately dropped out of school right after I got my associates.

New Speaker:                   [00:21:57]               So how does that discussion go with your parents? Because I think that, you know, you were, I mean, I don’t know how your family was, but geared towards, in my, my generation, I’m a little older than you. I’m in my generation. It was like how you got to go to school, you got to make something of yourself because I’m the first to graduate. Right. So it was gonna. I was gonna make it and I don’t know how that conversation would have went with my.

Ryan:                                     [00:22:20]               Oh my parents were okay because I immediately went to work for a company and my first week working there I made more in one week than I had a whole month working for my parents. So they really couldn’t say anything.

New Speaker:                   [00:22:33]               Okay. So again, they’re seeing all right. He knows how to fish. He knows how to fish. He’s got the skills. Okay. All right. That’s cool. That’s a very mature set of parents. Would you say, because you look around culturally, would you say that’s because they owned their own business? They get it?

Ryan:                                     [00:22:48]               Um, yeah. Probably at the time they got that hey, he wants to spread his wings and make more money somewhere else.

New Speaker:                   [00:22:56]               Yeah. I think that’s very, very cool. Um, especially as parents because I struggle with my granddaughters. I have three granddaughters under young, young and my son is a college graduate. He’s like, oh yeah, they’re going to college debt. I’m like, okay, you know what I’m thinking, hey there, you know, five or I thought maybe she’d be six, six, three and one. And I’m thinking, man, you don’t know what the world’s going to be like in 13 years. College now isn’t for everyone and it shouldn’t be for everyone, you know, a trade or a skill and to make that decision. I’m just hoping at some point he’ll mature. I guess I did too, you know, I guess we all grow up at some point right

Ryan:                                     [00:23:31]               now. I do believe in education. In fact I tell my kids, um, so I actually sent my kids, um, I’ve done well enough that I’m able to send them to a private school, but they do get to choose after they finished grade, if they want to go to junior high at a, at a regular junior high school and high school, they can go to those later on. But I get them a really, really, I believe in education for sure. Although, you know, I don’t think education is the most important thing. Um, but I think it’s up there, you know what I mean?

New Speaker:                   [00:24:07]               Well, what would you say is the most important thing for you?

Ryan:                                     [00:24:10]               Um, probably work, learn, work a hard work ethic. You know what I mean? I think just, you know, I, I’ve, I work with a lot of different people and especially the new generation that’s coming up. They come and go as they please. And it’s like, man, if we could work really hard and really smart right now, we could definitely make big, big ways and thank goodness I have a team around me that um, you know, with our, our company called bucked up, um, that they’re all really good hard workers and it’s great to see.

New Speaker:                   [00:24:44]               So you’re seeing that as a negative of a or as an opportunity. Maybe that’s the better term for, because this generation coming up and they have no loyalty, you know, hey, I’m just going to come and do my time and move on to the next place and just keep moving my way around. The opportunity then is if you put in the hard work and stay and see through the hard times rather than move when it gets hard, that’s the opportunity.

Ryan:                                     [00:25:08]               Yeah. You know, um, well I do believe that. But here’s what’s really funny is some of these guys are texting me going, hey, I’m coming in a little bit late or hey, I’m not going to be able to make it in today. And I’m like, Hey, are you asking? Or, you know, it’s just a different mentality nowadays. It really is. But you know, there’s, there’s ways to work around that. And because of technology they’re able to work at home, they’re able to do different things for you. So it’s not that bad, you know, so

New Speaker:                   [00:25:37]               I can relate. So this is, we’re going to pull a steve moment here. This is true. So my son has a new, uh, a female that he’s interested in and so he went away for the weekend to see her and it’s about four hours away, three, four hours away and spend time with their family and everything, Blah, blah, blah. Knew he had to work on Monday, works for us while he’s in from school and you’ve got another two weeks or whatever. And you know, he’s like, what time? I started at eight and I’m like, I go to the gym first. I mean, I, I’m, I’m up at five, you know. So for me this is midday, right? And so he gets home apparently late on Sunday night and it comes into work and just dragon. And he’s like, Hey, can I leave early? I’m really tired.

New Speaker:                   [00:26:18]               And I’m looking at him like, what, you know, you made the decision to stay out late. You made all those choices. And I said to my wife, I’m like, sure, go ahead. I, you know, I don’t want the grief. I said to my wife afterwards, he needs to go work for someone else to understand that that’s not a conversation that ever would happen at work in the workplace. And so, you know, he’s a great kid. He’s really a great kid and, but it’s just that that’s exactly what talking about. I don’t care that you’re tired, you make those choices. I mean, I’m sorry for you. Next time you, that’s a lesson. That’s the opportunity. Don’t do that again, you know? Um, but I, I see that, I see that in him and, and uh, I don’t think I parented wrong. I just don’t think he’s experienced the challenges of real life. He didn’t work on the farm where the whatever type of animals they get fed seven days a week. And when you don’t feel good, right? Right. No matter what, no matter what, no matter what. And so I think that that’s important too. Okay. So you get this associate’s degree, you say, Huh? My bed is you went into sales. Is that, is that accurate? Yeah. You’ve got to get the Gab. You, you have that gift.

Ryan:                                     [00:27:24]               Well, I, I’ve been taught to sell, right, like on these, at these stores that my parents owned, I got taught to sell to people that would come in as customers. So what happened is after, after I got my associate’s degree, I ended up going to work with some friends and we were on a sales floor and what we were doing is we were selling coaching and mentoring. So we would call up someone and we’d say, Hey, get one on one coaching, you bought this program, but now get one on one coaching. We would end up getting a credit card over the phone for anywhere from $5,000 up to $20,000 to make a sale like that. It was a, it was a pretty high pressure sell to be honest. Um, you know, but it, it got people education as far as what really works out in the marketplace.

Ryan:                                     [00:28:13]               But what I realized is the guy who’s really making the money is the guy providing the leads to ourselves for. So guess what I did? I ended up asking the guy who provided the sell for. He came in one day and I said, hey, I would like to come and work for you. I’d like to learn how to produce leads. He goes, wow, it’s funny that you asked me that because I’m looking for two people right now to help me do what we call media buying. And I said, okay, great. So I ended up moving short, like, like within a week I ended up moving to St George where this guy lived and ended up working for him for two year period learning how to drive traffic to his offer, but at the, at at the same time I was like, hey, we can do it, not just for this offer, but we could do it for a whole bunch of buffers. So I ended up moving back and I started my own affiliate network company called big payout. So big We’re an affiliate network and we learned we, we know how to drive traffic to people’s websites.

New Speaker:                   [00:29:16]               So as this became your own business, so you still worked for him yet? You worked for others?

Ryan:                                     [00:29:22]               Yeah, so at the time I was working for this gentleman down in St George, I ended up moving back and working strictly for myself, producing leads and sells for everyone. So in the weight loss category for Insurance, um, for, for courage, I’m lead generation, there was a lot of different ways that we were driving traffic to people’s websites. So a person would come to us and say, Hey, I have this product or this service, all I would do is simply say, hey, I will charge you this. Our, our affiliate network was a cost per acquisition company or a pay for performance, a company. So when somebody, when I would produce a sell for somebody, I’d say, Hey, I’m going to charge you $40 for every sale. I get you. And they’d go, great. I would just turn around to my publishers in my affiliate network and I’d pay him 35. So I would be basically a glorified broker. I’d be the middle guy putting the two people together.

New Speaker:                   [00:30:24]               When you think about that, right? Where do you get the, I don’t want to call it the nerve. I’m going to call it the nerve. Where do you get the nerve? The ability. Can we say most people are scared to death, Ryan, they’re so afraid of that type of thing. What you just described, first off, packing up, moving down there, knowing you were going to be sick. There was no. I can hear in your voice. You are going to be successful no matter what and then, Huh, I could do this and make it bigger. How do, how do you get the nerve to do that?

Speaker 5:                           [00:30:54]               Well,

Ryan:                                     [00:30:55]               you know, maybe it’s just my mentality, but I feel like I have a couple of different lifetimes in order to make money and I might as well take the risk or

New Speaker:                   [00:31:05]               oh, hold on. I don’t want to lose that. That’s powerful. No, that’s very, very powerful.

Ryan:                                     [00:31:10]               Yeah. I think you have three opportunities in your lifetime to make money and one is being very young, one middle and one a little bit later in life. You have an opportunity to make big money in those things, so now would be the time to take the risk. So, you know, at that time I was roughly 28 years old and I’m like, Hey, I’ve got to take this risk, doing it on my own. I mean, now’s a better time. I can always go work for somebody else later on.

New Speaker:                   [00:31:37]               You don’t have kids, you’re not married, you have none of the responsibilities. This is the opportunity.

Ryan:                                     [00:31:41]               I was actually married with one kid. Yeah.

New Speaker:                   [00:31:43]               Oh, okay. All right. But it’s still, it’s only, you know, it’s not,

Ryan:                                     [00:31:47]               it’s still a very short period of time. Yes. And so, um, you know, I felt like hey, now’s the time to take the risk. And so that’s when I ventured out on my own and started the affiliate network. I ended up bringing my twin brother in with me and together we’ve run our company ever since I’m now, after we did the affiliate network, Jeff and I, my twin brother and I got involved in buying domains, exact match domains when it was really, really popular and it’s a great business model. It was a great business model. Yeah. So we would want to get right because we were helping other people try to get ranked on, on Google. Well we found out that exact match domains get ranked really high. So we were out there by an exact match domains and we were building a business behind them. And so after we started building a business behind these and we would sell off the website, what happen to stumble across an article in sports illustrated and they talked about deer antler spray was banned in the MLB and we’re like deer antler spray. What is that? Yeah, I thought that was a hunting, you know, something to do with hunting deer antler spray. It’s deer antler velvet extract. And what the people do is they were taking it because they could recover really fast.

New Speaker:                   [00:33:01]               So unless there’s something in there are in. This is, uh, is, is this the, like the soft part of deer antler or did they grind up the, the, the bone of the deer antler?

Ryan:                                     [00:33:10]               Well, there, there are two versions of it. There’s some where they’d grind up the whole antler and then there’s some where they just take off the velvet, the extract.

New Speaker:                   [00:33:18]               Okay. And so is there something in there that really does help people?

Ryan:                                     [00:33:22]               Yes. Um, so it does contain what’s called Igf one, insulin growth factor one, so it helps you in repairing or building muscle. So, um, it’s not, it used to be bad, so like it was actually banned at one time on the water list, World Anti Doping Agency lists and they ended up taking it off because they’re saying, hey, you can absorb it.

New Speaker:                   [00:33:44]               And, but

Ryan:                                     [00:33:45]               athletes were using it all the time and then after about eight months, we own deer antler We built this business around where we were selling bottles. We were probably selling 20 to 30 bottles a day of this deer antler spray. And then Ray Lewis, who is a really popular football player, was playing in the super bowl. He had a torn tricep three weeks before the superbowl and then he was able to play in the super bowl and they accused him of taking deer antler spray. So what happened was we had about 2,600 bottles left at that time, all 2,600 bottles sold in one day because Ray Lewis got accused of taken it right before the super bowl.

New Speaker:                   [00:34:28]               Now at this point it was just called deer antler spray. It was not called bucked up at that point, correct. Okay.

Ryan:                                     [00:34:34]               Ear antler spray and GNC immediately called us and said, hey, you own deer antler We love your look. We love the way you do. We’ll skip all the lines that we want to bring you in right away. How fast can you get us deer antler spray? So we ended up getting deer antler spray into GNC and we sold into GNC. Just deer antler spray for two years just doing deer antler spray.

New Speaker:                   [00:34:58]               Okay. So let’s pause for a second. There’s three probably two questions that come to mind. First off, who’s the guy who figured out, hey, I got an idea. So you had deer over there. I bet you if I go kill it, cut, cut off the velvet and do something with it, it’s gonna. Make me. I mean, who? Who figures that stuff out? Right? I mean, I’m sure this is probably.

Ryan:                                     [00:35:19]               They’ve been selling deer Antler, velvet extract to the Chinese.

New Speaker:                   [00:35:24]               We go back to that and there’s so many that

Ryan:                                     [00:35:27]               these Yak and boost your libido, you know, at the same time you’re building muscle. It’s also helping with testosterone levels. You know, there’s a lot of benefits from deer antler spray or deer antler velvet extract. So.

New Speaker:                   [00:35:41]               All right, so that’s one question. The other one is the model that you described where you would, you would get a key, a match domain, so a water All right. Just a great one, right? Real original. So water You would take that domain and you would actually. Would you start drop shipping on their water bottles or in this case you actually got the product, but I mean you would actually create a business on there to help per perceive the value.

Ryan:                                     [00:36:09]               Well, what we do is we would build out these websites. We would show people that it was ranking number one on and then we would sell it to them. So for instance, we would go, hey, attorney New York City, we would buy that exact match domain. So when somebody typed in attorney New York City, there was so many searches coming into it that we would go to an attorney and say, hey, we’ll have people fill out this lead and we’ll sell you leads or we’ll sell you this website. Some attorneys would go like this, I’ll pay you 20 grand for that website right now. And we’d be like, done. Okay.

New Speaker:                   [00:36:42]               Whereas they would pay you so much per lead

Ryan:                                     [00:36:45]               pay you. Yeah, we’ll pay you $5 per lead. And we’d be like, okay. And we’d get hundreds of leads every, every month.

New Speaker:                   [00:36:52]               And you just message them right over to the dude. Right? We just have fun. Like people are so smart. I mean, I didn’t get this smart. All right. So now, now I’m down on myself. Uh, thanks. Thanks Ryan. You really, really need some bucked up. Alright, we to go to [inaudible] dot com because one of the coolest things that I think you guys do, and this is when I look for, you know, um, I look for edges because you know, a lot of people create brands, a lot of people do different things, but there are a bunch of things that I think you guys are doing right, that a whole bunch of things that people can learn from you. First off your website is stunning. Your logo is stunning. Your website is stomach right now. My bed is your first website and a, you’ve been in the business for a I’m so I’m sure it was good, but look back in your mind. It was crap, right? For sure. And so this wasn’t built in a day. Do you? Do you live by the model? Like Seth Godin always says, just ship it, get it built, launch it, and then come back and fill it in and really take it to the next level. Is that, is that your model in any way?

Ryan:                                     [00:37:56]               I know, you know, I don’t actually live by that model. I like to do things right. And do it right the first time because sometimes you only get one shot at it.

New Speaker:                   [00:38:04]               Oh, that’s interesting.

Ryan:                                     [00:38:06]               Um, especially in the supplement industry, very, very, very competitive industry and you have to do it right the first time. So we’re very careful with what we release and what we do with new products that come out or new formulas. We have to be very careful and we do a lot of research and a lot of background before background checking on a what’s actually trending and what’s doing well and what’s not doing well. So we, we are very, very big on uh, doing it right the first time we do mistakes. Yeah. I mean we do make mistakes but, but you didn’t start that way. That’s right. Okay. Alright. So, but yet you got it right. The other thing I think that, uh, your, your photos are phenomenal. The layouts done while the website obviously performs well. But here’s one of the things that I think is a game changer and I think this is a lesson for people rather than you being all secretive saying, hey, we are, we have a proprietary blend formula.

Ryan:                                     [00:39:06]               Only you can get it from us. We’re the only ones magical manager you took. I mean, he probably took yours. The Tesla approach where basically it’s like open source. Yep. Here’s, here’s our stuff. Now, to be fair, you were the only one who can put in the deer extract. But, but, but outside of that, that’s open sourced. I mean, that’s cool. Somebody could put deer, velvet extract in their formula, but they’re also going to have to have the brand behind it. See, we had deer antler bill. We had deer antler spray and we said, hey, what would go well? Because we want to start getting into the preworkout market. We said, hey, let’s call it bucked up. It’s catchy. It’s really kept so catchy. So that’s why we called it butts up, um, is because it’s one that we say, hey, there’s an action item behind it to get bucked up.

Ryan:                                     [00:39:55]               You know what I mean? Everything about it. I love it. Yeah. It’s telling them, hey, get bucked up from us, buy it or go to the gym and get bucked up. You know, we want to see what this does now. We were one of the first people to say, Hey, our product is nonproprietary and come out, and actually that was our whole marketing focus is, hey, we’re game changing. We’re going to tell you exactly what’s in our formula and you’re going to see that we put the most expensive ingredients in our products, so if you want to try and copy us, go ahead. It’s going to cost a lot and nobody does that though, except Tesla, right? Like a centrally. We put six grams a situation which is a. it’s a. it’s a vascular dilator so it opens up your vessels so you get a really good pump at the gym.

Ryan:                                     [00:40:41]               Most people at the time, we’re putting two to three grams of centrelink where the clinical study on centrally was done at six grants, so we put the clinically proven ingredient at their clinical dosages in our product, which nobody was doing before because it was all proprietary. They would fill it with a bunch of other stuff to say, hey, this is how many grams we have in it. So your audience, that means that when you look at your ideal customer, you’re looking for the real jim attended, you’re not looking for the weekend warrior, you’re looking for the guy, um, who’s really gonna take the biggest benefit from this stuff. Or at least that’s what that says, right? Because they’re going to care. Well, really, the people who care now is pretty much a lot of people are very, very, you know, they’re very concerned about what they put into their body and they want to know the breakdown. So it’s really the, the funnel or the spectrum is really, really white because people are very concerned with what they put into their bodies right now. And with the power of the Internet, they’re able to go and look up these different ingredients and see how good they are or bad.

New Speaker:                   [00:41:47]               Yeah. Because nobody knows in the past you would just be like, oh, it says, it says it’s a supplement. Must be good. Right. And you don’t know, huh? Right. Smart.

Ryan:                                     [00:41:56]               We were able to disclose that and we would say, Hey, we put clinically proven ingredients at their clinical dosages and people would look them up and go, oh, they do. Then when they take your product, they go, wow, that really worked. Then when you have a really good tasting formula, it even compounds and makes it great. You know what I mean? So a person will keep coming back and buying from you because it tastes great. Not only does it taste great, it works great, and then they get really good results from their product, from our products.

New Speaker:                   [00:42:29]               So the next thing that I think you guys do incredibly well and you’ve got to go to [inaudible] dot com to look through here or you’ve got to take the time. Anybody listening, pause and go look at this because this is, this is what it looks like to have a brand, a real brand you’ve done. I love the fact that you have tours or you go on these tours and I’m assuming these are events for something else in Europe, a vendor at them or giving away your product and it kind of thing. Right?

Ryan:                                     [00:42:53]               Yeah, we go to expos, these different expos that we visit, um, and we have a booth, we have a pretty big booth there and we’re sampling out our products and selling products there at the show.

New Speaker:                   [00:43:04]               So again, another opportunity. So you’re not just relying on Amazon or your own website or anything like that. You’re, you’re everywhere. You’re taking the Gary v approach, you’re everywhere. And then the other thing that’s very cool is you actually have a athletes you actually have people you pay or however that relationship works to, to help support your brand. And my God, when you look at them, I could see why you chose them. Um, you know, you might want to talk to me. I mean, you met me. I mean I might be able to do one for you. Um, it’s phenomenal. Some of these, uh, these people are true athletes, I mean true athletes and so you’re really, you’re really, I think you’re getting the whole picture. Did you ever think when you look back, did you ever have any clue that it would get this big?

Ryan:                                     [00:43:49]               No, I didn’t think it was going to really take off and do this well, but now we’re just killing it and we’re in GNC, vitamin world, vitamin Shoppe, we’re in thousands of mom and pop stores. We’re going international. There’s just a lot of things happening. But at, at the time there wasn’t like, oh, I thought, hey, this is pretty cool, but we did a lot of things right and a lot of things had to fall in place and we just happened to do those right. We got very lucky, but we also believe in hard work and working smart and doing it right and we feel like, and I mean it’s paying off, it’s really paying off.

New Speaker:                   [00:44:26]               When you look out though, did you even have an idea that it could be this big, right? I mean, did you say, oh, this could be a, you know, we could do a million dollars this year, right?

Ryan:                                     [00:44:36]               We did say supplements. The potential is huge, but it’s a very, very hard market to get into. Now we do have a little secret and I can kind of spread a little bit, tell you that.

New Speaker:                   [00:44:47]               All right, now it’s just uni. Nobody’s listening. Don’t worry about it. This just you and I don’t worry about it.

Ryan:                                     [00:44:52]               So where most brands focus on their own and see like an athlete that we have. We don’t actually pay any of our athletes. They get paid based off of what they bring into the company based off the cells because we came from this affiliate network where it was a pay for performance right now the other. The other thing is is we’re not really so concerned about us telling the world how great we are. We have an ambassador program that we have thousands of ambassadors that are all talking about bucked up and they’re the ones that are getting paid to talk about it based off of sales that they bring into the company. When somebody is out there and they see on instagram for instance, if they see it out on instagram and a person’s going, dude, I just got bucked up or I just tried bucked up and it’s awesome.

Ryan:                                     [00:45:45]               When they actually see that, they’re like, really? Does it really work? And they’re like, yeah, it works. You’ve got to try it, and when they actually try it, it tastes good and it really works. It’s all over. They start telling everybody, they tell everyone, so the best thing about it is it’s not coming from me as a company. Of course me as a company, I’m going to say my products are the best. They’re the best, but now when they’re hearing it from thousands of different people online on instagram and on facebook and on social media, then it makes a big, big difference.

New Speaker:                   [00:46:17]               Would you say that that’s the number one reason?

Ryan:                                     [00:46:21]               I would have to say, I would have to say there’s several factors, but that is one of the bigger reasons.

New Speaker:                   [00:46:29]               How hard was that? I mean is it because you came from that world? This was the natural course to go. We’re in the supplement world. I guess this is kind of common. A lot of people had a, you know,

Ryan:                                     [00:46:39]               it wasn’t common like most companies pay these athletes to represent their company. They didn’t have ambassador programs like we have. We have an ambassador program where we came from an affiliate network where we were paying all of our affiliates or all of our publishers. We were doing the same thing with this. We were like, Hey, we’ll pay everyone who gets a cells. Okay, okay. And if you’re going to use our product anyway, you might as well get paid to use it.

New Speaker:                   [00:47:04]               Right. And so discount when they buy their next product, that’s the way you got to look at it. Right. I mean, I am very, very cool. When you say you did a bunch of things right, so clearly this was obviously one of these things, right? What other things would you say would the top three things that you’ve done right.

Ryan:                                     [00:47:19]               Well, so we have a non proprietary blend that was really crucial at the very first of our art, our company, we had the non proprietary blend. We had a great logo. We had a catchy name and then we also had, um, an ambassador program and then it came down to having great flavors and great products that really work. And you know, I hired a guy that worked at a GNC that knew a lot about ingredients and he was like, hey, why don’t they do something like that? Why don’t you do something like this? We’re like, hey, come on in and help us build out a line. He’s come in and helped us build out a wine that really works.

New Speaker:                   [00:47:59]               When you think about other people, and especially in your world, right? There’s a close knit community, tons of entrepreneurs, tons of Amazon entrepreneurs out there and Utah. What’s the advice if I’m not selling this particular form of, will that model still work? If I’m selling water bottles, I’m going to use that really bad example because that’s what I’m looking at.

Ryan:                                     [00:48:19]               It can, it can still work. It really can still work, but you have to, you know, like I say, you still have to do a lot of things right in order to make it work. Your branding has gotta be on point, the name, you know, you know, like smartwater. That was huge. That’s a huge. I mean, somebody could come out with genius water as far as I know. I mean I don’t know, but, but these are all things that they would have to help with their branding smartwater with smart by saying, Hey, this is smart water for you. So there branding got out there, but it’s the same thing. You can do anything and get these things going. Hmm.

New Speaker:                   [00:48:54]               So it’s not just a supplement dude. And I’m blown away. I mean, I hope people really take my advice and go look at this because this is what you can be. Um, and you hear Ryan saying that this is still possible. I love the fact that you’ve got the apparel line and, and you know, again, all those things makes me, you know, say who I am. Right? It helps me say I am bucked up. Hey, tell me about your Amazon store. Because there is a, I don’t know whether you want to tell it, but you have a cool little Amazon thing. I don’t know. It’s up to you.

Ryan:                                     [00:49:26]               Well, I, yeah, I could, I could tell you a real quick. Um, so I ended up buying a course called amazing selling machine and I’m really, I, I, you know, when you talk about education, this is where I paid for my education in, in real stuff.

New Speaker:                   [00:49:42]               I wouldn’t, but that’s, that’s the deal right there. It’s just like going to take a Microsoft, uh, I don’t know, whatever they call those things anymore where you have to go get certified. That’s it. You had to get certified in Java and had to get certified in these different things. That’s where you learn, right? That’s where the work is. So that’s the education I like.

Ryan:                                     [00:49:59]               And so sorry, I ended up buying a course, I believe it was right around five grand. I bought a course. It helped me get my products that I currently had or other people’s products and I got them to be able to get listed on Amazon. Well, I ended up going to one of these big Rah Rah sessions and I got sold on a $20,000 course where I got to sit down in front of five people who each made over a million a year on Amazon and they were able to look at my business and give me tips and tricks and things that you could do on Amazon right now to help improve and optimize your listing. And then I was able to take that information and go back and implement it to the products that I currently had. So for instance, I had a product called El Arginine plus I own the domain name because I was a domain buyer, l

Ryan:                                     [00:50:53]               I bought this car, this thing I was doing roughly about $10,000 a month on Amazon. As soon as I got back and implemented, about two months later, implemented what they told me. About two months later I was doing close to 100 grand a month just doing what they told me. So that 20 grand it paid off because they taught me things that were real life experience. Like, this is what really works, and so that’s how I got started doing Amazon, so you know, and then I started doing other things on Amazon with different products and different things and everything else. So

New Speaker:                   [00:51:31]               you took action? No, I mean how hard was that? I mean because here you built a successful company I guess because you put that much money and you have a lot of stake in the game. You had to go get something to bring back value mentally, right? I mean how hard was it to take action from others? Um, or did the light bulb go on when they said, oh, just put this here and

Ryan:                                     [00:51:52]               saying you need to do work on your bullet points that it came on. Like a light bulb. Like, oh, I can do this, this, this, this. And because I came from a background of driving traffic, I knew what it meant, right? If I can get more traffic or more eyeballs, I know that it’s going to equate to more sales. So.

New Speaker:                   [00:52:11]               Well how different is because I don’t want to lose that because you talk about driving traffic. How different different is driving traffic on Amazon versus the old Google stuff that you did?

Ryan:                                     [00:52:19]               Oh, it’s night and day difference. It’s completely different and that’s why I was glad that I ended up taking that step and taking action and paying the 20,000 even though at the time I was like, wow, that’s a lot.

New Speaker:                   [00:52:31]               So you might have known how to do this. You just didn’t know the nuances of Amazon and what it meant. Oh, this is the way to do it here.

Ryan:                                     [00:52:40]               I was kind of new to Amazon. I mean I thought I was doing well with making 10 grand a month because I paid for a five grand course. I thought I was doing great, but then I was like, hey, in order to really know how this is kind of work, I got to learn from the guys who are already making it work and because Amazon has nothing but buyers. That’s a great place to be.

New Speaker:                   [00:53:02]               Let me ask you this and you could share if you can, if you don’t want to. I understand what percentage of your sales come from Amazon versus your own site now?

Ryan:                                     [00:53:13]               Well, um, so, right, right.

New Speaker:                   [00:53:16]               Versus retail because it’s quite frankly, it’s really, you have three real legs to the stool and that, that retail is, you know, a zillion places. It’s about three to

Ryan:                                     [00:53:25]               one on our website versus Amazon. So we still, because we have a lot of products, the best thing about my mind is that we have to sell a different product on Amazon, Amazon still bands, deer Antler, velvet extract. So even though I do really, really well on Amazon, on my website, I’m killing like I do. I do really, really well.

New Speaker:                   [00:53:49]               So you don’t want them to let it loose. It pushes everybody your way and you own those customers and you have all that customer data, how, how

Ryan:                                     [00:53:56]               that’s right, you hit the nail on the head because most people say, hey, I want to be on Amazon where I don’t necessarily want to be on Amazon, but that’s where all the buyers are.

New Speaker:                   [00:54:04]               Right? But, and they’re driving traffic to you naturally because they are going looking for your product. They find it, but they realize, hey, I can’t get that unless I go here. But then they find you

Ryan:                                     [00:54:13]               in this sense, I’m actually driving traffic to Amazon with my branding as well for sure for sure. But either way it works both ways and, and you know, it’s, it’s a happy marriage and it works great. But it does about three to one. So I do about three times more on my website that I do on Amazon and I do really well on Amazon. Wow.

New Speaker:                   [00:54:33]               Oh my goodness. I love, I love the story. I love the story for a bunch of reasons. First off, you didn’t invent it. You saw an opportunity because you guys are paying attention. You’re noticing as you’re out there looking and say, Huh, yeah, you’re right. There is an opportunity here. And then boom, you took action with it. And I think that’s about the eighth time you’ve taken action. And I think if there’s anything that you take away from this interview, if you have to take action. Yep, I agree. So when you look out to the company now, right? You’ve got to, you’ve got a team, you’ve got clearly, you know, strong system in place, you guys are rocking right along. What’s next? What else are you missing? What do you say? You said you’re going to expand internationally. What else are you seeing out there?

Ryan:                                     [00:55:13]               You have a couple different lines that were coming out with like, we do have a pregnancy line that’s coming out. We have a gaming, the gaming industry, the east supplement, a East sports. It’s huge. You know, there’s a lot of different things that we’re working on. Um, we do have a energy drinks coming out. Um, the, you know, these are all big, big markets and there’s a lot of potential if you do it right. So, you know, it’s just, it’s a matter of, of, you know, taking action and implementing a things with your team that make it work, you know? I mean,

New Speaker:                   [00:55:49]               are you still having fun? I mean, when do you think back? Because now you’ve got, you’ve got responsibility. I mean now you’ve got, you’ve got a lot of responsibility, you got a lot of people working for you, you got, you’ve got, you’ve got a lot. I mean when you look at, it’s a, it’s a big website,

Ryan:                                     [00:56:03]               right? Wait until you go to one of these experts, you really should attend one of these expos and you’ll love it. It’s really a fun industry. I liked being in the industry and it’s something that I have a passion for because I’d like to work out every once in a while, so, you know, I’m not a really big muscle guy. I just like being fit and in, you know, so, um, but, but I love the industry. It’s a really good industry and I have a passion for it. So I would definitely tell people to follow their passion and what they’re, what they’re passionate about.

New Speaker:                   [00:56:37]               It must be incredible when you’re at one of these events in and there’s guys who are like, Oh man, I love your stuff. It’s done this for me. Right? I mean, I’m sure that’s it. Probably. Unfortunately these become commonplace for you, right? I mean,

Ryan:                                     [00:56:50]               well, what shocks me the most is some people are like, hey, can I take a picture with you? I’m like, dude, I’m just a regular person here. Why are you going to do, want to take a picture with me as seriously? It’s crazy. But they’re like, they, they, they become almost fanatical with our brand, you know, with, with, you know, there’s, there’s a couple different industries that I really feel um, are, are fanatical industries. Fitness is one of those and you know, instagram has made it really popular as well because people like to post selfies and things like that. But you know, like even the honey market that we plan on going into their fanatical people, you know what I mean? And when somebody loves hunting, you’re not going to stop him from going hunting. So these are different things that I, I, I do like this industry because people get really passionate and really fanatical about it. I love it.

New Speaker:                   [00:57:42]               Ooh, you just gave. All right, let’s pause for the pro tip. Look for those industries where there’s true passion. I mean, not every industry has it. I mean lots of things, you know, people aren’t passionate about or, or the passion has waned because you know, the, the business isn’t what it became. It became too corporate or whatever it is. And this is still one. And I think personal health is such a huge deal. I mean we got, I mean, it’s such a big deal, especially as you get older, all of a sudden you start to care and when you see people younger than you drop in dead every week, you’re like, oh man, I gotta get serious on this. So I think, I think this is all, you know, it’s such a smart. Oh God, you guys are so smart. All right, so two things, two things left. One, if somebody has a follow up question, what’s the best way to get you? Ryan?

Ryan:                                     [00:58:24]               Um, they could always hit me up on a email, would probably be the best. It’s or they can hit me up on Skype, which is rice sport zero. Eight Rice or zero? Eight on skype.

New Speaker:                   [00:58:41]               Great, that’s great. All right, so the goal of the podcast is to help people move forward and I think, you know, you’re going to say take action. I can tell. Um, but people get stuck in it. And I, my bed back in your story, there was probably a time or two, maybe it helps to have a twin brother that probably could finish your sentences, but there has to be a time when you get stuck. Right? I mean there has to be. How do you recommend people to come to you for advice? How do you recommend or what do you recommend for them to do to get past that point and, and really become the potential that they are?

Ryan:                                     [00:59:14]               Well, I have no problem bouncing ideas and taking advice from other people. So my, my thing would be to be open minded and teachable. So even me, I have a person that I kind of bounce ideas off of and he happens to actually be my neighbor. So I bounce a lot of ideas off of him and he gives me his input and then I can either choose to implement it or not. So I would just say, hey, you know, you know, ego is a tough thing and pride is a tough thing. But if somebody can be always open minded and teachable and be willing to say, hey, that’s a really great idea, you know, and implement that idea and take action. Those are huge. That’s huge.

New Speaker:                   [01:00:04]               Well, the, the, the last part is the most important. And actually implement the idea and take action. How many of us have notebooks full of notes of things we should do and that we haven’t taken? Action. There’s the power right there, dude. I’m, I’m blown away. Please go out and take a look at [inaudible] dot com because it will blow you away. This is what the potential of that brand is. Um, and it’s just so exciting. It’s such a cool thing and he’s such a humble guy. It’s a very, very cool story. I mean, I appreciate you taking the time. Thank you so much. I wish you nothing but success.

Ryan:                                     [01:00:34]               Well, I appreciate you having me on and if there’s any, uh, any other questions I can help you answer. I, I just appreciate your time as well.

New Speaker:                   [01:00:42]               Great Story. What a great guy, Huh? I mean it’s just phenomenal. Um, again, he’s so humble. He’s such a great guy. You meet them in person. You’re like, wow. I mean, you could tell I would have bought something from him if he would have had a Canada, this stuff with them. I would’ve been like, sure, I’ll take one. That’d be you got to. Because he’s that guy. I’m very, you know, just genuine, real, um, and, you know, not convincing. He didn’t have to convince me because I just immediately connected with them and I can just tell that they’re real and genuine and that’s what the people I want in my life. And I was so fortunate to get to meet him and now to get to hear the rest of the story. It’s just been a, been a real joy in my world. I hope you got a lot from that. Again, go back and listen to it again. There’s some real good points in there where he is successful because he took action. Took action. Why? Because he realizes there’s three opportunities to make money in your life. Go back and listen to that again. I think there’s something really strong. Their ecommerce, ecommerce Take care.

Cool voice guy:                  [01:01:40]               Thanks for listening to the momentum podcast. All the links mentioned today can be found at incomers momentum. Doug, come under this episode number. Please remember to subscribe and like us on itunes.




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