206 : Paul Kokta – Getting past stuck with help found in an unusual place


Yes an odd title. Not click bait as it is accurate. Paul got help by sitting between two people at a party he had to sneak into. Yes sneak into, He wasn’t invited and that’s not the story. Really it’s okay that he got in. the real story is he moved forward that night. Was it meant to be? You see Paul was stuck! His words not mine. Stuck and quite frankly selfishly taking it out on his family in particular his wife. We have a candid man-to-man discussion on getting past stuck, owning up to your shortcomings as we all have them. As a guy , as a person, no one wants to admit it. But Paul steps up as an example of what a really great husband does when he let’s his guard down and becomes real. So very cool Paul!


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