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144 : Scott Margolius – The Amazon ripple effect – Changes affect everything in all types of businesses-even Service businesses

Scott Margolius

Scott is a long time seller with legacy Ebay accounts, an Amazon account and a growing service business. In this episode we talk about why having a good Ebay account is worthwhile, and that even a service business can get affected by changes made by Amazon outside of your control. It’s important to diversify and create revenue streams from as many sources that makes sense for your business. We answer some great questions about Q4 and planning for a future. Also how to create a business that has potential for sale.



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Scott’s Previous Interview # 30



Questions we answer are from Andy Slamans Amazing Freedom Group

Q – We were just notified by Amazon that we are ineligible to sell toys this Q4. Why did this happen?

Q – Do you have a strategy for this Q? (now that it is here!)

Q – What are the advantages of selling Private Label on Amazon?


Crossing out Plan A and writing Plan B on a blackboard.


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