141 : Teresa Stephens – A Family approach to business with high level results

teresa Stephens

I was fortunate to spend quite a bit of time with Teresa at a recent Private Label retreat where I got to see her in action. She was engaging everyone while taking in a lot of information. She clearly has a plan for her business and wanted to learn everything she can to help put that plan in place while willingly ready and able to help everyone else. She had he lovely mother along with her and Teresa was quick to say how lucky she was to have her mother as an integral part of her business and her mother was quick to say how lucky she is to work with her daughter. How many of us have this great of a relationship with parent or sibling?



Amazing Freedom– Andy Slamans group that put on the Private Label retreat

Teresa’s Facebook contact




“You can’t overshare knowledge”

“I stop for life moments”

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Breckenridge Private Label Retreat



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