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134 : Greg Murphy – Build a Bus Proof Business that can run without you

Greg and Brian

What Greg is means when he says build a “Bus Proof” business is to build a business that keeps going if you were hit by a bus! This graphic illustration is done to wake you up, because bad things happen to good people! It is a shock phrase because as Greg says you have a lot of other people relying on you and your business and it needs to survive you. Makes perfect sense. So is working on your business possible while you are trying to grow it? We talk about that, we also talk about succession planning, reducing touchpoints and investing in your people. Greg has a group, a laboratory of sorts where you can focus tried and true and new and exciting changes, tweaks, and 180 degree changes with other like minded sellers. A “Safe” place where you can share your ideas experiment safely and have input with others.



Greg’s First Interview

Brian Young’s Interview (Greg’s partner in Busprooflabs)



“What is it only you could do?”


Questions from FBA Wholesale Community


Q- What’s the record low cost you have seen for LTL? (The answer will surprise you) 

Q- Does high rank on Amazon mean a good thing or a bad thing?

Q- What is the core competency that you look for in successful employees? 

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