123 : Mitchell Lipp- aka Harvey Spektor – Using a Retail Arbitrage Prep center to scale up again

Harvey Spektor

Mitchell is such an advanced seller, he is wise beyond his years. His depth of analysis coupled with his gambling skills allow him to make quick calculated decisions. His willingness to take chances on unproven methods has served him, and now us, well. He is currently working with another seller (former) who does his retail and online arbitrage for him. Imagine, dropping off your stuff for someone who has real experience prepping for you, doing something he loves and something he excels at and takes great pride in. Great win/win for both of them. Again it is a relationship that got him here.



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Mitchell’s Facebook connection

Scanner Monkey



Q- Seeing Macy’s closing another 100 stores, Sports Authority closed all of their stores and Sears is closing some stores. Have you benefited from any of these store closings and if so, how did you approach them?

Q- What’s the best way to attack a trade show?

Q- Let’s discuss spending money to be efficient.


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