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122 : Nathan Hirsch – Freeeup your time with remote workers from the US and abroad – Exclusive Discount for listeners (BTW.. he is an experienced Amazon Seller!)

Nathan Hirsch

Nathan is a mega dropshipper that walks the walk along with talking the talk. He uses his own services: where he has between 10 and 30 remote workers depending on the time of year. It is rare to find someone who actually understands our business, he gets it. How rare is that, he understands the issues that the platform offers, he understands the roadblocks of growing your company, he understands what getting suspended means to your business as he helps others get reinstated. He also gives us an exclusive discount that gives you 10% off the services for as long as you use it!


Mentioned: to use ecommercemomentum in the signup to get 10% off forever!)

Freeeup Facebook group (Nathan’s Email)

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The Hands-On Solution to Hiring Workers Online

We recruit, interview, and hire online workers then place them into your business effectively saving you time to grow your company. Let us handle the hiring for you!

On average, we save our clients 10 to 20 hours that they would have spent recruiting, interviewing, and hiring online workers.

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Use the code: ecommercemomentum to get 10% off forever!


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