113 : Bob Steele – 7 Figure seller with his first 6 figure non Q4 month and btw.. He has a Full Time Job Elsewhere! Yes it can be done

Bob Steele

Bob is the inspiration for us raising our goal for this year. It seemed paltry compared to Bob’s success, after all Bob is only a part time seller. Yes part time and he will crush 7 figures and had his first non Q4 6 figure month in June! Yes it can be done, you don’t have to quit your job “That you Love” to do this business, with outsourcing and learning what not to buy Bob has fine tuned his operation into a real scalable business. By the way he is not done, he will get bigger…the question is will he ever retire from the job he loves?


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Questions we answer:

Q- Tip from UPS store employee. Did you know you can order boxes to help you pack your more fragile items to go to FBA? You need to have an UPS account but they are free.

Q- Someone pointed out they notice that the larger sellers seem to have their repricers focus on their profit rather than chasing revenue only. How is your repricer setup?

Q- Would you spend $25.00 to profit $5.00 per unit if you could sell 50 of them in a day? 



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