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109 : John Lawson – Can you get healthy while running a 7 Figure eCommerce Business? Yes, John will show you how he did it! And it’s free!

lose with john

John is a long time seller (Mega Seller-my term) selling on all the channels. He has taken his game to the next seller speaking to over two dozen events a year on Marketing, eCommerce and Entrepreneurs all around the world. In this segment we spend a lot of time talking about how he has lost of 80 lbs by paying attention. He realized his “Lifestyle” business was missing the “Life” portion, took charge and focused his intensity on getting fit! He want you to join in, on a 21 day (recorded) plan (FREE!) where you can help hold him accountable to sticking with a healthy balance. You have tried before, but remember you need you have a healthy “Life” to really have a “Lifestyle” business!

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Lose with John


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Episode 47 – First interview with John

Questions answered from Slamazon Bros Facebook Group:

Q – I ordered some product from China and it was found to be counterfeit. Is this just a learning experience or can I still sell it?

Q – I started selling on Amazon one month ago and nothing has sold so far. All my products are price to match the buy box so I should be seeing some sales. I called Amazon and they said the issue was on their side, they had on 5 items available for sale. Has anyone else experienced being throttled on Amazon?

Q – When branding for Private Label are sellers using the same brand or diversifying names based on the product mix?

lose with john


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