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104 : Barbara Boschen – We talk Jet, Jet, Jet! Selling on another platform and the differences you will encounter and how to overcome them! (Create your own API)

barbara Boshen

barbara BoshenBarbara has been preparing for an eCommerce business for a long time! She saw her mother and her father have their own business, she worked in the corporate world in M & A and saw entrepreneurs first hand. She has been able to use her acquired knowledge, her ability to work under pressure, her ability to adapt (also under pressure) and finally her ability to overcome all challenges as thy fly at her. We spend most of the conversation breaking down selling on Jet. The start, adjustments needed, the ups and downs, the future and the real potential of selling on this new platform. To me the greatest skills she has mastered in this process are her abilities to adapt to the differences in the new versus established marketplaces. Trust me, there are many so knowing how to adapt will serve her well in the future.

Barbara mentioned:

CoMerchant  CoMerchant connects your FBA inventory to Jet’s marketplace seamlessly. In just a few minutes you will be able to create product listings and experience automated order and fulfillment integration.

Barbara’s Facebook Contact – Barbara’s email


“Jet is not key word centric, yet”

“You can’t be just relying on one platform today”

“The touch-feely stuff really assures me that they will service my account!”


Golden Nuggets:

Look at every marketplace, be sure to not be reliant on only one channel.







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