103 : Bver Vienneau – Lessons Learned, Questions answered, Updates from up North!

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bver pictureBver is actually answering more questions than asking them this year. It’s amazing to see what research, hard work, focus and intensity can do for your business. Bver has doubled his sales, has figured out so much more of what NOT to do and his results show it. We spend time catching up on how his business is doing, accountability groups, we spend time answering questions and he tries to talk all of us out of using Amazon.ca. Btw.. check out the website as I added a ton of photos from Bver’s lair! (den?) 🙂

Bver mentioned: 

Bver’s facebook

The Lodge

FBA Today


We answer questions from Lance Wolf’s group Sourceoholics:

Questions- We found a product that the manufacturer will only ship via pallet. How do you deal with that?

Questions- If you could outsource one aspect of your business what would it be? (Interesting to hear Bver’s answer as I would not have expected it)

Here are some great photos from Bver’s Lodge (Okay his house) 🙂 


bver 3

My Father beat me to it?

bver 2

Shelf clearing 101

bver 4

Looking for dusty gold!

bver 6

So no excuses allowed here for sure!

bver 8

Looks like remote processing

bver 5

You can fit a lot of stuff in here for sure

bver 7

Normal processing tables!

bver 9

Filling as many Canadian basements as possible!



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