100 : Chris Green – Get your chance for personal mentoring from Chris! We talk that, where Scanpower is going, How to make $100 a day online!

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Finally made it to Episode 100! Over 150k in downloads in 11 months 25K last month alone! This episode is all about Chris Green: Author, Speaker, Ideaman (He is not an Entrepreneur-we talk about that!) and all around great guy! Always willing to help, always ready to drop another idea (hence the Ideaman moniker) This episode is all about Chris, he shares some untold stories and helps look into the future of eCommerce. Chris is doing some personal mentoring! If you ever wanted to sit down with Chris and advance (not just move) your business really forward… then this is your chance. He will sell it out quick but if you private message him and mention the podcast, he will add you to his secret waiting list! (I have no affiliate deals or benefits, just want to thank a friend who has done so much for so many!)


Chris Green.com

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