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087 : Rachel Greer – What happens when you bring together a group of ex-Amazon employees? (Hint -Really Great things!)

Rachel greer

Rachel greer


I am so glad someone recommended I interview Rachel Greer. They were so right, she is impressive, beyond knowledgeable about Amazon, specifically her areas of expertise are Product Testing: specifically related to Safety, Regulatory requirements and product quality. She is a partner in Cascadia Seller Solutions, a company of former Amazon employees (almost all) who also are experts in the area of Amazon that they worked in. These are not the lower 10% that fall off, rather they are some of the best and brightest that were taught (or were) entrepreneurs who worked in a job, then broke free (for freedom) and now excel on their own. Very cool real world discussion with a leader how can help propel your business forward.

Rachel mentioned:

Cascadia Seller Solutions – Build out your Amazon business!

Cascadia Contact Information

ISTA 3A Compliance– Rachel spoke of box requirements.


Example of Wood Pulp product holders







Rachel’s 3 Top eCommerce Tenets

1- Know your customer (Know what they want)!

2- Make sure you get the Customer what they wanted!

3- If there is an issue, solve the Customers problem first!



“Separate the person from the activity”

“Tailor your Blurbs to match your companies tone”




Golden Nuggets:

Use Blurb libraries to help answer (really pre-answer) anticipated questions to prevent issues before they have a chance to escalate.



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