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083 : Cynthia Stine – Offering Safeguards, Reinstatement help and guidance for your Amazon Account!

Cynthia Stine

Cynthia Stine


Cynthia tends to be a little self-deprecating about what she does…let’s face it, she is talking people off a proverbial ledge! They had a plan, maybe growing a real business with Amazon and then boom… they get a letter saying their account is now closed, under review or gone forever! (Guess she earns the self-deprecating stripes!) But while her message is tough, eye-opening and hard to take, she speaks direct truth. She has more clients than she can handle some times! Her company has grown to over 20 staffers who work full time helping get accounts on the straight and narrow!

She is very generous and gives us a plan to make sure your account is on and more importantly stays on track!





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“The guy at the top has to inspire the them to do the work!”

“Stop digging a hole when you are in one”




Golden Nuggets:

Confess, repent and then execute!


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