078 : Nathan Bailey – A Coach’s Coach, Mega Seller, Living a life helping others develop themselves!

Nathan Bailey

Nathan Bailey



Nathan Bailey is a coach’s coach, a long time seller, long time self development leader and trainer who has worked at the biggest leadership companies in executive positions. He knows how to help you move forward and can help you with your biggest challenge, you! Let’s face it,we all are. Nathan helps you gain time, reduce touch points, help get you through the hurdles (they will come along) and most importantly help you take action. Coaching or even better mentoring can be a great way forward, the key is to find the right personality for you, the right fit, the person who will propel you forward.


Nathan mentioned:

Jim Cockrum’s Coaching Program

Call 800-994-1792

Skip McGrath





“Each step along the way was a small plateau in my business”

“It’s always a learning process, learn from each and most importantly act on it”

“Your first plateau will be the sign you have are successful and on the right track”

“You have to have patient money when buying inventory”

“You only fail when you quit”



Gold-NuggetGolden Nuggets:

Adversity will let you know you are in business, if your not having it you’re probably not in business

Start out with techniques that are jot too advanced so you can learn the fundamentals



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