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065 : Quincy Lin – Laser Focused Lists for Gated Amazon Category Sales – Specifically Shoes

Quincy Lin

Quincy Lin





Quincy Lin is a laser focused individual who really knows how to stay on task. His list : allows you to receive a list of great buys, based on established criteria all in the Shoe category. Any eCommerce seller realizes that in order to separate themselves from other sellers they have to go where the crowd is not; hence the gated category. Second you want to find areas where it is more difficult to get established, for example a category that has higher costs to get product. Third you have to find a category where you can be patient as sales are slower, but steady once you fill the funnel. So this is why Quincy is so focused on Shoes, it has all three attributes.





Quincy mentioned:

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“I Use Steve Jobs points: Focus, Understand the needs of the customer, and make it beautifully designed. That’s how I run my business”



Golden Nuggets:

Master one thing first, be patient as it is not as fast as you want it to be.





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