051 : Robin Jacoby – Amazon is the fairest System in the World to sell on. Great Perspective interview at a much needed time! Plan your new year in a positive way!

Robin Jacoby

Robin JacobyThis is the first in a series of Women in eCommerce interviews I am doing. It’s a great one to start as: Robin is not making a statement about Women’s inequality, rather she is here to tell you: “Amazon is a level playing field” for all. She credits her life’s experiences as preparing her for her eCommerce business. She makes the point, everyone’s experience they bring really has prepared them for eCommerce if you look at the good and bad experiences in a positive way. (Yes even the bad ones) So this is a “pick yourself up, dust yourself off, straighten-up and get ready to take action, you are ready…you have been prepared for this…Success!”




Robin mentioned:

Fran Jacoby – Robin proudly speaks of her mother and he accomplishments. Great read here.

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Stanford Business School

Robin’s Facebook


“Amazon is the fairest system in the world: it doesn’t care-

  • What color my skin is
  • What religion I am
  • What my age is
  • My sexual Identity
  • My sexual preferences
  • How much money I have (or may not have)”

“Everybody is somebody’s somebody!”


Gold-NuggetGolden Nuggets:

Use fear as a tool, use it to get past a stumbling point!

As we do anything is as we do everything! Get your life in order, to get your life in order!


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