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047 : John Lawson – eCommerce Seller, Digital Epreneur, Author, Moderator and acclaimed Speaker! Break free and break out!

john Lawson element

john lawson

John is a great storyteller! He can hold an audience of 1 or 1,000’s attention, he can speak your language, seems to be what you need to hear when you need to hear it! He has an uncanny ability to keep up with the technology (almost in-front of it) and talk about it (not down to you) at a level the common person can understand. What I loved about this interview is the Lifestyle discussions, the ways to improve the whole you! Really if your business is actually going to become an important part of your life, you have to improve all of your life, your health, your body and your mind! Sit back and open your attitude for adjustment, it needs it and John can help you get there!



John Mentioned:

John –  Kick Ass Social Commerce



“There’s a difference between having a business and having a job!”

“If both you and your partner are accelerators, and one is not the brake, you will likely fail as you spin out of control!”

“A prophet is not received in his own household”

“You can get an education in your car, listening to Podcasts and books on Business!”

“Work = Force X Distance- If you are not moving forward, you are not working!”

“We call it Networking, I call it Not-working! Get off Facebook and get to work!”


Golden Nuggets:

Create a separate landing page for each of your best products instead of a complete webstore !

Systems, Systems, Systems! (You really need to have some systems for your business)

Take a year, to learn how to drive traffic to your store!

Don’t eat all of your seed, you need to plant some back into the ground! (Don’t reinvest all of your money into inventory- build a nest egg!)


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