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042 : Brandon Dupsky – How a Top Ten Ebay Seller was forced to Create His Own Ecommerce Marketplace, He says you can do it too!

brandon dupsky

brandon dupskyListening to Brandon’s story will bring into perspective that you really are not in control of your business if you rely on Ebay, Etsy or Amazon exclusively. Brandon will tell you he made many mistakes but his number one mistake was not recognizing he was not in control, after all he created one of the TOP Ten seller accounts on Ebay at the time and thought he would ride the tide forever… Well forever come when Ebay changed their model (btw..guess What…Ebay is changing its model right now). To see someone rise up, more importantly on their terms, is a real reason to listen to Brandon’s story but the knowledge and insight Brandon shares will give you a calling of sorts, to set a course on your “Why” and not take your eye off it. He is a shining example of the real potential for creating an Ecommerce” business.



Brandon mentioned:

Brandon – great site where Brandon blogs about ecommerce selling. – Tons of information about Brandon- Wow!

Inc 500 Conference – Look who were the speakers for 2015 –  Marcus Lemonis, Robert Herjavec, Tony Hsieh, and so many more!


“Success blinds you from failure”

“Time is more valuable than money”

“What you gain in time when you outsource is worth so much more than the possible loss of control”



Golden Nuggets:

Determine what your time is worth, identify your “Moving Money” parts of your business and outsource them, they are holding you back!

Add value using your intelligence rather than your hands and time.

Start your outsourcing early in your business, you will benefit immediately!

Break your tunnelvision and get outside the circle of eCommerce sellers (Ebay and Amazon only sellers), you will be blown away with the world of opportunities!


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