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034 : John Bullard – Amazon Prep and Ship, Co-op Whatsapp Sourcing and Ebay & every other channel Fulfillment coming soon

John Bullard

John BullardJohn Bullard has quickly expanded his family business and role in the eCommerce world. His early start selling on Ebay at a large scale and then being one of the early Amazon FBA users has given him the confidence and skills necessary to expand into the Prep and Ship business on a large level. When you have a conversation with John, you quickly realize he knows his stuff and is very passionate about the quality of service that he gives his customers, they are family to him. If you are looking to expand beyond Amazon onto your own website, Ebay, Etsy, Rakuten, or Amazon overseas, then John and his team might be the right group to help you achieve your goals. John’s also venturing into Co-op buying and even a Co-op sourcing finder fee where you get paid to find deals with no money out of your pocket. He really does know how to network.


John mentioned: My Inventory Team, EmpowerU : Co-Op, My Inventory Team Facebook Group, Tradeshow No Show


“If Amazon closed tomorrow, we would stay in business!”

“Create your story, that will create a following, that in turn will create value and thats when others will follow you”


Gold-NuggetGolden Nuggets:

Network, Network and then Network! Utilize your time at shows or events to build your network.


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