031 : Dan Miller – Wisdom meets Passion proves out an eCommerce model as he carries out his life’s Mission, helping others without expectations!

dan miller

dan millerDan clearly has settled into his successful life in a great way. He manages a large business, his way from his place the way he wants. Sounds like every listeners dream! He credits his consistency in producing a weekly newsletter, a radio show/podcast for 12 years WITHOUT MISSING ONE WEEK. Who can say they have never missed an issue or episode. His lessons in re-purposing content and leveraging across multiple platforms transfer well into the ecommerce world . His continued investment in himself whether it be new books or his attendance at multiple conferences (many unrelated to his businesses where he says he expands the most).

So think of his business : Create tons of content across multiple channels that feeds off each other that leads to sales. I tried to create a formula for his model below:


Dan’s simple formula for success

(((Create content x weekly) Multiple Platforms) Time invested in himself²)/audience= sales

sales= books or events or coaching or speaking engagements or affiliate sales or etc.. or (who know what is next (hint… no matter what it will be big!)


Dan mentioned:

Venn Diagram






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Custom personal coaching with Dan Voila

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“I do recognize the privilege I have been given” 

“If you do the work, you can still be a serious player”



Gold-NuggetGolden Nuggets: 

Leverage your material across platforms, one thing inevitably leads to another!

If 3 people ask you for something, there is a business somewhere in that!

Eliminate 15% of the things you are doing this year to make room for a better 15% next year!







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