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030 : Scott Margolius – worked for me – yes even me the skeptic!

Scott Margolius

Scott MargoliusScott is the owner of a consulting company that helps remove neutral and negative feedback, along with suspension restorations, product mix and other Amazon related issues/opportunities. So sad to say I did not know our feedback detailed information. On the surface we had 100% feedback….until Scott helped me drill down and showed me I did have some issues. In this era of account suspensions, I suggest you take a harder look at your account and act now proactively to keep it healthy. Now he sells a service (his time and experience), and you can do this on your own, but if you need help, need not to take on another facet of your business this might be the right service to consider.



Scott mentioned: , Skype: SBM400,, Feedbackrepair Blog


“The best predictor of future performance is past performance”

“You are not just buying time, you are buying expertise”



Golden Nuggets:

Pursue ALL counterfeit claims aggressively to keep your account in good standing!

Approach each of the Amazon departments differently, they have different roles and you need to know what those roles are.




Actual Activity with our Account (before, during and after results)









Current Account after Removals



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