029 : Paul Retherford – Scanpower’s Technical Side of the Business

Paul Retherford

Paul iPaul Retherfords the Technology leader of Scanpower; a Scanning, Listing, Inventory Management company that allows sellers to semi-automate adding their items to the Amazon database for sale. Their system really buys you “Time”, the one thing sellers eventually find pressure on from all sides. Every time you can reduce a touch point, or speed up your process, you can gain momentum and Scanpower is one of the companies focused on helping you achieve success. We spend time talking about changes that Amazon makes, with one goal in mind – “Improve their customer’s experience, so they are the ONLY choice when you need a place to buy an item you need or want” and the conflict that naturally arises with constant changes for sellers outside of their control, He walks us through how they go about developing changes based on demands. We also talk about they are now focusing on offering more management tools in their “Dashboard” approach to help  your business with better inventory management and expense tracking and replenishment reports. Paul lets us know they are close to releasing a purchase order system which should reduce those critical touch points for you.


Paul’s contact information: paul@scanpower.com , Pauls facebook, Paul’s twitter account



Paul mentioned:

Github– software collaboration project management

Ben Evans Newsletter – Venture Capital information on ecommerce Technology

The Wright Brothers



“Time is the only thing we can not Hack!”

“Turn your enjoy-a-bility knob higher”




Golden Nuggets:

Listen to the world outside of our groups, it is a bigger world and there are differing opinions worth considering




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