028 : Brandon Gompers – Building out a eCommerce Shoe Business on multiple platforms including Shopify and Amazon!

brandon gompers

brandon gompersBrandon has truly created a lifestyle business, after leaving a lifestyle business. He has worked in several industries and in every case, he focuses on creating systems and processes to make it as seamless as possible for him to fit his desired lifestyle. I think there is some great information in the podcast to help you too get focused. He works out of a 340 sf second floor room and has built a multiple six-figure operation, again with tight manageable systems. He is currently building out a Shopify store to supplement his growing Amazon business and talks us through the process and the logic of adding another channel.


Brandon mentioned: Terry Lin’s Build My Online Store, Magic Shoe Show, Debra Conrad’s Thrifting for Profit Podcast, Treasure Hunting with Katharyne Shelton, Brad Degraw ,  That Kat Radio, Andrew Youderian’s eCommerce Fuel, Brandon’s Facebook



“When you don’t know what you don’t know, that is when you can learn the most!”

“I like to fill in the gaps in product size listings”


Gold-NuggetGolden Nuggets:

Put wheels (processes) next to each other to work together.

Peel off a % of your disbursements and squirrel away for rainy days, it WILL rain!

Pay attention to the metrics that Amazon gives you for free. (ie.. size fits, reviews, etc..)


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