023 : Joy Packard – From Private Label, Retail and Online Arbitrage, Wholesale…Joy has found her WHY- she wants to help you find yours too!

joy packard

joy packardYou will quickly recognize Joy in a room, she shines in every way. Her light shines in every aspect of her life too: being a mom of eight and a grandmother of six, a loving wife, a large six-figure seller that is willing to tackle the everyday challenges by breaking them down and tackling them one by one. Her enthusiasm and expert knowledge will help you if you are interested in getting into the Amazon game. She will help you identify your “Why”, the real reason you get into eCommerce, that you will need to remember when the challenges come (and they will), to help you get past your fear.

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“One thing will lead you to what you will be doing”

“You have to always be learning”

“Go the harder Route”

Gold-NuggetGolden Nuggets:

Devote 30 minutes a day to personal development

Get over your fear, tackle the item that you most fear head on!

Write three things down to get done if your physical, spiritual and business life today.



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