022 : Ryan Wateska – A Ferocious Competitor that has it figured out!


11885362_10102081312639687_5731554080349034872_nRyan’s enthusiasm comes through the microphone, his rapid success comes from really hard work. He is a super-competitive-nose-down work until you drop type of seller that has recently gotten married and has recognized a sweet-spot in his business/life.

He is not chasing every dollar, he is chasing every Profitable Dollar! Very smart!

We spend a lot of time talking about foundational approaches to building your business with a strong base. Ryan is very analytical and always thinking, calculating and forward looking and will get you thinking of better ways to run your business and add back time to your life.

Ryan Mentioned: ,  Debra Conrad’s Podcast: Thrifting for Profit, Amazing Flips and Tips, Ryanwateska.com, Petermoelius.com, @wateska,

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“Go horizontal and then Level up”

“Go 55 in a 60 mph zone”

“Take more time for yourself than your business”

“Sometimes it is best to let the nickels on the floor as you know there are dimes on the horizon”



Gold-NuggetGolden Nuggets-

Build a foundation out of blocks of knowledge that you learn over time

Multiply your hand by joining up with other like sellers


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