014 : Mark Le Vine – Bubblefast is a family business that responds to trends in the Market

Mark Le Vine

Mark Le VineListening to Mark speak of his wife’s First husband, Alan, in such a respectful and honest way really tells you something about him. It is clear he knows how the business has become so successful and is very clear that he, nor Robyn, will let that change. Mark talks about how Bubblefast came to be, how out of a tragedy, the real vision of the original founders is coming true. He talks of growing a business from 13 Sku’s to over 1,800 today, he talks about their commitment to customer service and offers you a chance to call and ask more questions. By the way, it will be him or Robyn that answers the call! He speaks of how they have and can still take an idea from start to finish based on customer needs (Who does that anymore?) and he speaks of his and Robyn’s commitment to “Community”, after-all that is how they have been able to stay in the e-Commerce industry for 17 years.


Mark Mentioned: Bubblefast.com , Facebook , Ecommerce Chicago, Phone #:(877)-599-Ship


“The Secret sauce to our success is being part of the community”

“The more we stay in-touch with our customers, the more the want to do business with us and for us”

“The only bosses we have are our customers!”

“You can’t sell them what you want, you have to sell them what they want”


Gold-NuggetGolden Nuggets:

Being involved in any community helps you share knowledge and therefore you gain strength

Don’t try to buy software or coaches to do the work for you, find a Mentor, to do the work



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