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Change your Lifestyle to match your goals

We all have seen it….


I sold $12,000 today!

That’s great I only sold $7,000 myself. (only?)burger

Then someone has to put I’m not as big as the big guys but I had my first $1,000 day!

Why the qualification?

If you don’t sell $1,000,000 you fail! Shut down and go home!

filok, slight exaggeration.


But we have all seen the qualifiers..


I’m not as good as the mega sellers…

I am only part time…

I have three kids…


These are all lifestyle issues that warrant goals for you! Not others


The million dollar sellers I know all work their own goals. They design their life around their way, their plan, their desires. What works for them is no guarantee it will work for you.


Now that makes sense.


If you want to truly build a business, you have to build your business, on your terms, for your life. Guess what your life is your life! Stop, pause, breathe and focus

What do you really want? Why not stop buying and selling when you hit that target?

Was it too easy?easy button x

Will I be able to do it again?

I get it, we all have doubts. But if you hit your target a few times, that should be the clue you can do it every time!



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