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Rob Anderson

Rob has a large You Tube following with almost 10,000 subscribers and approaching his 1,000,000th download! Wow, he has the ability to connect with his viewers as he is genuinely interested in your success. His personal story of running an inherited business and having to shut it down due to the recession forced him to find another business and lucky for us he found FBA. Get ready for some real guidance, some real life experience talking where he can help you get more focused. His focus on multiple revenue streams has paid him off and allowed him a true “Life” style business.



Jim Cockrum’s My Silent Team Training Course

Rob’s Youtube Channel



“In my experience, the rich people I met took the time to find out about everyone, got invested and interested in us and treated us really well”

“Have the courage to step off the ledge and get started”

“Give yourself a date to get started”

“The work is front-loaded, it does get easier”





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