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Building levels in your business that flow on your terms


A  few weeks ago I wrote about leveling up your business and how that is better than scaling up. It’s 10x scale type stuff.

This morning I was thinking it might be worth mentioning that you should have levels in your business, in all parts of your business.

The key is all levels don’t have to move at the same pace, sometimes it’s more one than the other.

For example:

Getting product into the country right now for q4 needs to be 10x, you can’t get it into the warehouse unless it is in the country. Things happen that you can not control, shipping companies go bankrupt, so get this right, right now? Level this up.

This time of year many companies do 50% of their sales, they make a profit! Hopefully! Black Friday gets its name from the companies profits traditionally going into the black.image

So go all in getting things ready to sell, you can pull back on other things to find time. So scale back time in finding new products to sell, get more of the products you know that sell!

Let me say that again:

” Scale back time in finding new products to sell, and spend more time getting more of the products you know that sell!”

Find new vendors who have the products in stock, buy out a competitor if it makes financial sense. Search now. Look at non-traditional sources. Ask your existing out-of-stock vendors who they know who might have inventory, the squeaky wheel gets the grease! Level up the conversations, find it and you will win.

Again that’s now, that’s not in q1, 2, or 3, this is the time to make hay as the farmers say, it’s sunny everyday in q4.image

Take time this year to look at cycles in your business, build a roadmap for next year. The levels get easier as you know where to spend your limited valuable attention. Time is the greatest and most precious commodity you have right now.image


Be sure not to level down your mental or physical health at this critical time. It’s time to keep the intensity up, level up and watch your diet, it’s easy to rationalize the ten pack of Reese cups or the two pounds of Strawberry Twizzlers! 🙂

Break out the time, make it non-negotiable. Don’t miss the Special moments, they only come once. This is a “Life” style business we are building. Make you’re life the best it can be.



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