346 : Perry & Kim Coghlan – Find the low hanging fruit with your unimproved Amazon business processes

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Get ready for some nerd talk. Yes nerd talk. Perry drops some terms that hopefully will get you thinking about process improvement versus moving to a bigger warehouse. Imagine you can gain 30% more with your current space with no incremental costs? Sound good? Does to me! Great couple with lot’s of possible excuses for not getting work done but refuse to take any. They do the work and they do it right.



Perry & Kim’s FBA Corner

Spaghetti Map mentioned in podcast





Gaye’s Million Dollar Arbitrage List


Scope from Sellerlabs

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Transcript: (note- this is a new tool I am trying out so it is not perfect- it does seem to be getting better)

Perry & Kim:                       00:00:00               We set a lower Roi to make sure they get enough work to keep them working right though I think we still have that balance between us where I really want to minimize the work and just do the Higher Roi, higher net profit and Perry wants to look, look more at the opportunities in doing volume on a lower margin.

Cool Voice Guy:                00:00:21               Welcome to the ECOMMERCE. Momentum will be focused on the people, the products and the process of income are selling today. Here’s your host, Steven Peterson.

Stephen:                             00:00:35               He wanted to talk a few moments about some sponsors scope from labs. Um, when’s the last time you created a listing? Right? And when you create that listing, you’ve got to come up with the keywords, right? It’s all key word dependent. I don’t care if it’s a private label or wholesale. You’ve got to get it right. Well, what’s the best way to get it right? If you’re selling a similar product that’s really successful, you go and you take and use their keywords and that’s what scope does for you. So phenomenal tool brought to you again by seller labs. The leaders in technology when it comes to Amazon, right now, they are just crushing it with all their products, but scope allows you to get that listing right, get ranked for those key words as fast as possible. Therefore you get the sales. So go to seller labs.com, forward slash scope.

Stephen:                             00:01:23               Use the code word momentum, save a little bit of money, get some free key words to test, try it out and see if you see an improvement. If you don’t adjust, what’s cool about what I love about a seller labs is that you then message and say, Hey, I didn’t get this right tyler. Hey Jeff, this isn’t working right. What am I doing wrong? And Boom, you’re going to get the help you need and that’s what you’re going to get from solar lamps. And, and it’s a very special group that had been very. I’ve been very fortunate to be connected with them. And again, I look over time they’ve delivered every single time, you know, same thing I can say for Karen from solutions for ecommerce. I mean, she’s been carrying my account for a couple of years now, um, and our account, my wife and I, and she really does handle things for us.

Stephen:                             00:02:05               Um, I mentioned, uh, just last week we created a new listing with, I forget how many variations, but again, all the flat files uploaded done as I needed. I pop in, so she’ll send me a template, I pop in some information and then boom, it’s handled, await. These pictures weren’t done right, blah, blah blah. This upc, native poom modified adjusted. And again, the communication’s been phenomenal too. I get an email back saying, hey, this was done or this, you’re missing this Steve. Hey, you got to do this. So, you know, we had those challenges too and that’s why I like working with somebody who’s been doing it. I’ve been doing it for a long time to do, you know, Karen also does listings for Ebay. Yup. Lots of them. So if you want to build out that channel, which of course you should, it’s q four. You should be selling everywhere.

Stephen:                             00:02:49               You can, um, Karen can help you with that too. So you gotTa tell her I’ve sent you, so you’re going to go to solutions four ecommerce forward slash momentum. You’re going to save 50 bucks every single month. You’ve got to save that $50. But more importantly, you’re going to get an inventory health report. Um, did you just get hit with monthly longterm storage fees? Well guess what? If you haven’t, they’re coming. You want to get that inventory right and she can help you with that. You got to tell her I sent you again, solutions. The number for ecommerce forward slash momentum will get you into that. Save the 50 bucks. Get that inventory health report though. That’s really, really important. Get that going right away and I don’t want to miss my coach when it comes to retail arbor online or when I have a question and I do.

Stephen:                             00:03:29               Not that we don’t, we don’t really do much of it anymore, but when I do have a question, I go to Gaye Lisby because why? Because she’s really. She is a coach. I mean, she’s really phenomenal, but she also puts out a daily list and you’re going to get that list five days a week. You’re going to get tons of leads, the number of, uh, agreed to amount that you’re supposed to get. She at least she usually gets to those in the four days. And then the fifth day seems to be a bonus most of the time. Phenomenal Group, small amount of buyers where this list is going to. And the best thing is the nuggets that you learn. Hey, why is the red one better than the blue? One Gaye can help you with those questions. I saw. Hey, I got a, I got to the dreaded letter about a brand.

Stephen:                             00:04:08               Here’s the, here’s the way you approach it. Hey, receipts, um, how do you, what’s the best practice? I saw her leaving instructions, teaching me the accountant how to do a better job with it. And it’s phenomenal. So it’s Gaye Lisby made a million dollars selling. Um, I’ll have the link in here. You’ve got to use, um, the, my, my link and it does help me. I don’t want to say it that way, but um, it’s part of amazing freedom with Andy Slam Lee, Ron, hers, corn, and Nate’s lemons so you know, you can trust. Okay, so come back to the website, take a look at it, and you will get a savings and you can get two weeks free right now. Only through my link. You get two weeks free. Try it. You don’t like it? I get it back off. But right now is the time to make money. Get cashflow going right now. And so join you. Get two weeks free. The only way you’re gonna, get the two weeks for days. If you use my link, it’s on this episode. Come on out and give it a try. You will not be disappointed. Again. You’re going to see me in there. So reach out if I can help you too. Let’s get into the podcast.

New Speaker:                   00:05:06               Welcome back to the ECOMMERCE momentum podcast. This is episode 346. Perry and Kim Kaufman, you know, as a couple. They are a real, real opponent. I couldn’t not, I would not want to take them on, in any support in any way because together they are an unstoppable force, you know, and to be honest with you, they got an army behind them. Wait to hear that story. But it’s the truth. It’s funny how it’s not like they finish each other’s sentences. It’s, it’s more like there’s such an, the same wavelength of thought because he knowingly knows where she’s going to go and vice versa to me, when you can compliment each other that well, taking advantage of each other’s strengths, knowing when to say no to say yes and then add respect to it, man. You wonder, you wonder what could be if you took that same approach to your life.

New Speaker:                   00:06:07               So if you’re not listened to this and then go back and say to your spouse your significant other, I’m sorry, and I’m going to make a real effort to do this and if you are, do more of it, period. You know. And so I’m talking to Steve here saying, Hey, I could do better. I always can do better. Great. Couple. Very, very, very successful. And I spend a lot of time talking about a process with them because I think they have figured out a process and Paris advice about this lean Fba. I think it’s cutting edge stuff because as he describes it, you could almost double your productivity in the same space. Let me tell you, for a guy who just finished moving his warehouse, it took me a year and a half and I’m still unpacking. It’ll take me another year to unpack and I’m not exaggerating asking Andy, it’s the worse.

New Speaker:                   00:06:56               And so if you can stay where you’re at and be more efficient and be better there, figure it out. Let’s get into the podcast. Alright, welcome back to ecommerce moment, a podcast. Very excited about today’s guests, plural. Um, it’s a his and her type of operation where clearly she’s the brains of the operation. Perry Kim Kaufman. Welcome guys. Thank you. Thanks for having us. And Perry, you didn’t disagree. He didn’t say, hey, you weren’t standing your ground on that one. Where are you? Yeah, no, I tell people I’m writing her coat tails the fame and fortune, you know. Hey, if that works for you and you can get away with it, then that is absolutely the right thing to do. I’m one of the coolest things. Okay. About what you guys, just, your story is you are part of a large family. I’m downplaying it a little bit. You know, I came from a family, a brother and a sister and the mom and dad, but another day. And so that was pretty big family. My, my wife comes from, she had four brothers, so you know, that was seven in that household. Um, break it down for us. How, how, how, what size your family is.

New Speaker: