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It is so cool to see Travis Ross hit his stride. He has a confidence about him that is well earned. He will tell you it is not hard but once you get there it is well worth the pain. Are you using your Merch content to its capacity? Are you using your products to their capacity? Probably not but Travis will help you think of some ways you can.


Travis Previous interviews #75, #173

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Stephen:                             00:00                     He just wanted to offer you a chance to get to the resonate conference that’s sold out that’s coming up in May. It’s May fifteenth and sixteenth in Atlanta. I bought an extra ticket and I’m going to give it away to someone who subscribes to my newsletter. Yes, you’re going to have to subscribe. You can text the word resonate to [inaudible] the word resonate to four, four to two to. It’s going to ask you for your email and that’s what it’s going to take to get entered into a drawing. It’s one ticket. I paid for it personally. Um, you get to hang out with me. Is Monday the 14th and includes a cocktail party. It includes lunch both on Tuesday and Wednesday and includes an incredible dinner Tuesday night and I just can’t wait because I think it’s one of the best conferences. What I described it last year because a bunch of people ask me, hey, what was it like, very technical and the attendees were younger.

Stephen:                             00:53                     Now I’m an old dude and compare it to that. They were definitely younger, but they were so technical. Uh, one of the guys I was talking to was selling on 16 different channels, the details and the intimacy because you’re so close to the speakers, you get to talk to him, you get to ask and go deeper and it’s just really, really a valuable conference put on by seller labs. Yes, they’re one of my sponsors of the show, but I bought the ticket so, you know, to be fair it is sold out. They didn’t give it to me, but I want to help them because I think it helps you. And so for me, um, to get a chance to see Ezra firestone speak, I’ve seen him speak personally face to face. I’m dying. Bret Bartlett a. When you see James Thompson, I’m from prosper show, Peter Kerns. I’m, they’ve got this expert coming in who’s doing talking about instagram and she is talking about instagram influencers and how to use them for your products.

Stephen:                             01:48                     I mean this is really, really intense stuff. It’s, it’s held in an amazing place. This was a new venue in Atlanta. So you’re responsible for your own hotel, your own flight, your own transportation to the event. But the ticket itself is paid for. I paid for it because I’d like to hang out with you. So if you’re interested in it, all you have to do is text resonate to four, four to two, and it’ll ask you for your email. That’s the cost and you’re going to get subscribed to my newsletter, which I think is a valuable newsletter. But then again, maybe I’m biased, but if you want to come and hang out with me in Atlanta, it’s going to be in May, coming up quick. So I’ll probably choose the, uh, the person pretty quickly. So any questions, just send me a note. And Steven and e-commerce, momentum [inaudible] steven and e-commerce momentum.

Cool :                                     02:33                     Welcome to the e-commerce momentum podcast will focus on the people, the products, and the process of e-commerce selling. Today is your host, Steven Peters in.

Stephen:                             02:46                     Welcome back to the e-commerce momentum podcast. This is episode 200 and Ninety Travis Ross. Yes, Travis is back and we’re here to discuss a whole bunch of things are one of them. He just blows my mind. Such a great. Such a great ending. Oh my goodness. You gotta. Listen to the end of this because there’s really strong advice at the end. Um, and I think the way he put it was really, really well put. Also, you’re going to get a special discount on the rocky mountain conference, um, that you can only get here and I don’t benefit any way other than you getting a discount. So just want to say if you want to, if you’re interested in going that conference, listen, and I’ll give a code that you can use to save some additional money. Let’s get into the podcast. All right. Welcome back to the e-commerce momentum podcast.

Stephen:                             03:29                     We’re excited for today’s guest. He’s [inaudible] Peter. I’m episode number 75. Was his first episode that he was on. That was in 2016 more than two years ago. I am blown away with the success he has. I can’t wait to hear what’s happening. Travis Ross will come back. Travis, I appreciate you coming back on because last time I had you back on episode 73 and that was more than a year ago, um, you had completely changed your business. Focus a. Now I shouldn’t say that you were evolving with your business, it was a, you were originally a big ray or you know, uh, from the church, which is a great backstory. You should go back and listen to episode 75, but you’re a big reader and you were moving into private label. You’re dipping your toes in there. You’re working with Andy and a little bit and you were, you were moving on. Um, in the meantime, you had this massive conference. Your second year was last year and it was by all, everything was a success. No, no doubt fair.

Travis:                                   04:32                     Yeah, absolutely.

Stephen:                             04:34                     Yeah, it was a great success. Huge turnout, a very successful, a lot of learning, a lot of great speakers, a lot of great venue. I really, I really loved the venue you guys have and I always tell you this, your audio guy is unbelievable. Your audio video guy, very, very strong. Um, but the content is really strong. And then we’ll talk about the conference that’s coming up and it’s coming up soon and I do have an extra discount code for listeners, so we’ll get to that. But Travis personally, your business is doing OK buddy.

Travis:                                   05:05                     Yeah, it’s grown a lot. I mean, I remember when I first came on, I remember the numbers I was doing, um, and you know, it’s, it’s definitely increased. There’s, you know, it got employees now and um, it’s, it’s gone a lot of different directions.

Stephen:                             05:23                     Thirty second because I’m interested in each one of these pieces because. No, because it’s interesting to me because for you to, to make that statement, you know, to say it’s gone in different directions that’s different than what you would expect them, right? You thought you were going to go this way and that happens all the time, doesn’t it?

Travis:                                   05:43                     Yeah. I think it in any thriving business, you know, pivoting is Kinda the, the word that we like to use the, the buzzword. But yeah, I mean you have to pivot or you’ll, you won’t or at least you’ll plateau. And I didn’t want to plateau. Well, how do you pivot? So, so is it where, you know, most people say, Hey, put your head down, do the work, right? Put Your, you put blinders on. Maybe that was the old way. And then you just tunnel straight ahead, but then this shiny objects keep shining. Travis, how do you, how do you know which one’s the right one? I am, you know, total shiny objects syndrome guy. I get bored honestly. And you know, when I’m going in one direction for a long, long time I find myself, I’m just kind of getting bored with that one thing.

Travis:                                   06:31                     And so then I see something else. And so a lot of times I would try things and fail, but some of those things actually stuck. And that’s really what it mean when I say I went and a lot of different directions because a lot of the directions were dead ends or, or, uh, just kind of be done with that thing and realize OK, this was a colossal waste of time. Um, but a lot of the other things, I mean, you know, like, like the conference that, you know, that took off. And so we continue to focus on that. And then obviously in my business there, you know, the private label thing is continued to, uh, to, to grow and to build. And I’ve gotten better at that or, or better to understanding it, I guess, and you know, just different things like that. So, and then, but then on the other side, we spent probably three months just really hitting wholesale really hard last year.

Travis:                                   07:21                     And, um, it was, it was a tough time. Um, I, I, luckily I had some, had some other things that were going on in the background that were helping us, helping sustain us during that time as far as our sales numbers and our sales didn’t really dip. But, um, we spent a lot of time, energy and money. I’m trying to, I’m trying to find good wholesale accounts and I’m not sure, um, I mean, I, I can’t really put my finger on why it didn’t, didn’t succeed. But then, you know, we were coming into fourth quarter and I said, OK, I can’t continue to, to try this wholesale thing while there’s so much low hanging fruit and fourth quarter with Ra. And so we, we switched gears again and we’re really strong with Ra and um, you know, and Kinda turn it, turn it around. But, um, I kind of regret the time that I spent trying to, you know, I really spun my wheels a lot with wholesale and perhaps my, um, I mean there’s a lot of reasons that it could’ve gone wrong, you know, but, um, it didn’t, it just didn’t really work for us.

Travis:                                   08:27                     And so that was a challenge and a little bit of a frustration, but that’s one of the I, or one of the examples of a direction that I went that turned out for us to be a dead end guest that wholesale for you would be boring. There’s no doubt in my mind because there’s nothing creative about unless you can take in, you know, create bundles, which again, you’re back to private label. Right? And because I’ve seen you work in private label, I’ve seen you get excited about a product. I know one of your product, I seen the, when you describe

Stephen:                             08:56                     it, I mean, you’re animated. Um, I just can’t imagine you’re like, oh, Steve, I got to pellets of, uh, of a sneakers in today. You know, my wholesaler man, they are sex. You know what I mean? I just, it’s just not the same and so that’s not, I don’t, I don’t think that there’s a failing. I think that’s an acknowledgement. Hey, that wasn’t the right lane for me. And then you look at like a day in an eric or a lammy or charlene. I mean, there are people that just, that’s their lane.

Travis:                                   09:25                     Yeah. I have a partner, just a friend that’s also in this business. I actually kind of showed him the ropes when he first started, but he’s, he’s really been successful and he was actually having some success in wholesale and somewhat convinced me to kind of move into that. And I’ll tell you what, um, he’s not doing as much wholesale either. He’s, he’s also kind of turned, turned his business towards, um, towards more private label. They actually created a brand and are having real success with some private label things that they’ve created. I’m just targeting a specific niche audience and um, and so, but he’s, he’s basically done with wholesale too. So it’s really strange because I would have no problem being successful in wholesale. I just, for whatever reason, just struck out so many times that, um, you know, it’s like don’t touch the stove because it’s hot, but I’m not going to keep touching it if I keep burning myself. And that’s what I felt like with wholesale. I other people have great success and you know, here’s [inaudible]. Um, it just wasn’t, wasn’t for us really

Stephen:                             10:36                     well, you know, uh, that doesn’t mean you can’t go back to. I just had an interview with somebody who took a year and a, um, kind of sat back, right? Kinda needed to adjust because things weren’t going great for him and he’s like, wait a second, I’ve got my, my iron and too many fires, so I’m going to pull back and then go and a year later, now he’s able to move forward. It’s actually private label and that scenario, but it makes sense sometimes you just got to. But you know, the other positive thing is my bet is you learned a whole bunch of things. Yes.

Travis:                                   11:06                     Yeah. I was just going to mention that. I mean, I think the one thing that I do take away from that whole situation was, um, I mean prior to that, you know, we did a lot of Ra, we did a lot of [inaudible], um, you know, in some liquidation and just other things like that we didn’t have to be as detailed I guess or have as many sop standard operating procedures and things like that. And when we started doing the wholesale we really, really, really got into the nitty gritty and OK first click this, then go here. Then, you know, just sourcing and things like that. And I think that that has translated to even our ah, business we have, you know, we have several shoppers and we have a it using prep centers and where were, we basically have systematized a lot, a large portion of the business that I don’t think we would have had. We not kind of cut our teeth a little bit on that with the wholesale thing.

Stephen:                             11:58                     So that was tuition. So when you think about the tuition that it costs you, that length of time, I hopefully you didn’t lose any money but you did you last time, which is really expensive. If that was invested into those [inaudible] for the rest of your business, would you credit that with the part of the reason you’re having so much success? And if so, was that cost worth it?

Travis:                                   12:22                     I understand that. I mean that’s a, that’s a great. I mean, that’s kind of where that would was going. That’s a great question. And I honestly, I don’t want to say yes but I haven’t met. It is painful in my mind. It was a failure. You know what I’m doing air quotes. There was a failure, but we did, we learned a ton. And, and um, yeah.

Stephen:                             12:45                     Did you lose a lot of money doing it? We lost a lot of time. Money. Did you lose a lot of money now and last? Um, so, so then then, you know, I think you’re wrong. I don’t think it was a failure. I think it was a place, you know. And here’s the other thing, travis, maybe you had to do that. Maybe your business is forcing you to do that, to say, Hey, get your house in order. Right? You know what I mean? Think about your kids, right? You’ve got a lot of kids. How many times have you sat him back down and saying, hey, let’s get back to basics here when things don’t go so. Right. You know, and now you’re having incredible success. To me from an outsider’s point of view, again, I didn’t go through the pain. Um, it sounds like it was well worth it. Um, what else? What else would you say has given you the success? I hear a confidence about you. Is that fair to.

Travis:                                   13:38                     Yeah, I mean, I, I feel more secure in our business than I probably ever have. I mean, as far as just, um, when I say that tongue in cheek, because most of my income comes from Amazon and, and how can you feel secure when most of your income is on one channel? And we all know all the horror stories that comes with, with Amazon, but, but yeah, I feel, I feel like, um, it can rub it runs without me, um, in a way that it never has a, my, my wife’s way more involved in it now that while she was at the very beginning, she helped a lot and then she about a year and a half, she really wasn’t as involved and just recently in the last probably three to four months she’s jumped in quite a bit. And um, and that’s been really cool because she takes, she does all of the design, we do a lot of merge, um, and then we use those designs and other avenues to sell different products and, and she has really owned that side of the business.

Travis:                                   14:44                     And I mean at first I had to kind of, you know, give some direction and help coach her into some of the things that needed to happen since she’s gotten. I mean she’s really systematized. It, she, we have, you know, probably five or six vas that she’s constantly working with and she’s just own that. So that’s a piece that I don’t even have to think about really, um, but it’s bringing in money and it’s, it’s, it’s a successful venture. Um, and then I can feel it. And then I have a key employee that really runs all of my shoppers for me. Um, and he, he basically and also run, we have a prep center that we work with. He’s also in, in a lot of contact with them and making sure that, uh, we even have [inaudible] for our, for our processor, for our, you know, guide that, that processes all of our stuff. So I’ll, I’m doing honestly is, you know, I’m planning a conference, obviously I’m developing some [inaudible] products and I’m looking for deals in other ways. Maybe doing some way. Obviously I still, for whatever reason, I still do our books. I like to see the numbers, so I’m doing those. Um, but like if I want to go away for a week, I can go away for a week in. The business is going to keep on going.

Stephen:                             15:58                     What you described though is you’re kind of settling in, you know, it’s interesting. You’re the second person. I just interviewed where they’re settling in because they’ve kind of created these systems and this process in place. How hard is it though to give up that control? I mean, is it easier though, because you have your soap. I understand other people worked on them, but you’re kind of still in control. Does that, is that what you can hang on to? Kind of.

Travis:                                   16:26                     Yeah. I mean if you want the real answer, you need to ask my wife.

Stephen:                             16:30                     She’s always in charge. I get it.

Travis:                                   16:33                     No, I know what she would say is that it’s super hard for me to give up control. She sits, you know, five feet from me at her desk and I’m constantly turning around and going when you’re working on, you know, what I have to learn to not do that as much and I don’t do my credit. I don’t as much as I did at first. Um, but a lot of, you know, I mean there’s been a lot of, you know, frustrated, frustration coming from both of us as we try to work through our roles in the business. And really my biggest growth point and challenge has been to let go. I’ve had to do that with obviously with my wife and that side. And then I tried to really do with my employee. I mean, yeah, I’m still going to read over the sops and I’m going to tweak them and I’m going to be frustrated when something goes wrong with something or I’m and I’m going to tell him about it and he understands that. But overall he’s pretty Dang independent now. But that’s been a big. That’s been a process that should happen.

Stephen:                             17:30                     So when something does go wrong, are you going right back to the sop and say, Hey Steve, you didn’t follow this or you’re right, this is a problem that I own because you know, me. Travis created this sop and there’s an error and I didn’t count on that happening and therefore let’s learn from that together. That’s to be fair, fair both at that. Yeah, that’s pretty awesome though. I mean, think about from the employee’s point of view, it’s like, hey, you know, I’m sitting here saying, hey travis, you created this. I’m doing what you asked me to do. You can’t come down on me or, or hey, here’s something you’d ever seen. Right. And Wow. And so that’s sounds like both of you go about this with your wife, your kids. What’s your youngest? How old’s your youngest?

Travis:                                   18:12                     A youngest is eight.

Stephen:                             18:15                     So at some point, you know, this isn’t going to be a house full of regrets. It’s going to be travis and his wife. And so the fact that you’re getting to common ground and handling more conflict, right? Just what the two of you. Because normally it’s what the kids, right? That’s different. This is a pretty cool place to get to. Um, in your relationship, especially getting past all that and getting. I mean I just think others could learn a lot from you. A helping their spouse find a place in your business, which is it packing boxes or it isn’t whatever, shopping, if that’s not her lane, to me that’s a very cool thing to get to.

Travis:                                   18:58                     Yeah, it’s been really cool for me and I don’t even know if I’ve actually said this to my wife and I probably, I know I probably should listen to this co. This is, I’ll just let her listen to her honey. Honey. WhaT I’ve been impressed was the, the level of organization and the way that she’s really owned this thing now, to be faIr, part of that has been me telling her, hey, I really want you to own this thing and when she has a question or once, you know, I’m like, ok, well what do you think? And I put it back on her, but she’s, she hasn’t asked me as much anymore, you know, she’s really owning it and I’m, and I’m, I mean, I think it’s ok. I can, I think it’s ok to be proud. Very proud of your wife, but I wrote because I really am. I’m really proud of her the way she’s owned or this whole thing.

Stephen:                             19:55                     Dude, it’s an awesome place to get to write because that transfers to whole bunches of other things. All of a sudden, you know, mom can handle this, she can handle that. She can handle that because what’s also cool is now your conversation when you’re talking about this junk, she actually understands what you’re talking about. right?

Travis:                                   20:13                     Yeah, that’s totally true. And that’s. So, uh, that probably contributes to a lot of my piece or relaxation with the business because I have somebody that I can talk to about it and uh, it’s not an employee.

Stephen:                             20:27                     It’s somebody you can trust with the intimate details. Right. And that’s because that’s part of the challenge. It’s great to have somebody to talk to, but sometimes you can’t tell them everything. RigHt. All right, so that’s going well. Uh, I love, I love that you mentioned the conference. So let’s talk about the conference. The conference is coming up and you’ve added, you knoW, a, a pretty cool piece of your business is the conference and to me the fact that because that’s not an easy thIng to pull off. I mean to get several hundred. I mean there are a couple of hundred people there, right? Yeah. I mean, you were talking a couple hundred people coordinated, dozens of speakers, all kinds of sponsors, all the venue meals, all different kinds of things to handle that seems to be, uh, doing well and doing well for you and paul. To me, that’s also a smart way to diversify your business in some ways. Can you talk about the benefits you’ve received for your business? Getting to know the level of speakers on the intimate level? I mean, has it brought you a lot of knowledge and you know, because you put a lot of effort into it other than money. I know you’ve benefit a little bit of money and I’m sure you don’t make it a lot but, but it’s really the, the depth of knowledge and relationships. Can you talk about that?

Travis:                                   21:47                     I mean, the first, uh, my brain’s going a million miles an hour just because there’s so many benefits when we first did the it first came onto your podcast and I didn’t know, you know, a quarter of the people in this business that I know now. Um, and, and that’s due to networking and I could probably go down the list and tell, tell you how each one of these different people are, a lot of these different people have helped by business in one way or the other. There was, who is, this is a funny story. There was a uh, by, I did have a, have a hazmat item, um, and it was, it was on purpose. I was going to sell, fulfill it and um, and I was going to make some decent money on it and I got the bike cost down really low and I had probably it was a three pack of this hazmat thing and um, it was on two pallets in my garage and uh, and I was going to just fulfill it because it was going to make me, you know, I don’t know, I’m probably 10, $15 a.

Travis:                                   22:52                     I got it. I bought it for two, was going to make me 10 or $15. well, at the moment I got it all into my garage and stacked it. Amazon comes on and amazon stand on this thing. I mean, they’re not getting out. so I had that stuff in my garage for probably six months, eight months now it’s, you know, it’s only $800 worth of by cost or something like that. Cause it was like $2 and had like 400 of them. Um, but eddie lavonne, uh, I was telling him about it for, I don’t know how it came up, but he was like, well, let me, let me see if I can sell it to amazon for you because I do a lot of stuff, you know, and I sell directly to amazon. I’m like, oh my gosh, that would be amazing just to get it out of my freaking garage, you know.

Travis:                                   23:31                     And so sure enough, um, I sold all of this stuff to amazon for like $4 a unit when I, you know, so I still made a little bit of money, um, and it was out of my garage and I was never to sell through it with amazon on the listing because the weight and the merchant fulfilled, you know, all of that stuff that the shipping costs w I was taking a loss. but I send it to amazon and I immediately had a prophet and he was out of my. and that was just because I knew eddie from all of these events. Um, you know, and I didn’t know him before I started doing this conference

Stephen:                             24:05                     to your point. It is awesome. So I got this message, uh, ok, so, and I’m not going to tell you the person’s name. And he just said, thank you about my show, blah, blah blah blah blah. Um, he said he asked me a question and he said, I’ve heard you say in the past that you enjoy going to conferences that are held all over. Now. I do. I really didn’t. Do you truly find the value in attending them? I’ve never gone for one for two reasons. First, there’s costs when it’s hard to justify the costs in the company. Um, but now the company, because he works for a company, is starting to see the value of selling online. And it’s funny, just before this call, a friend of mine who owns a business called me said, steve, can I sell this product on amazon? And they’re in the retail location and I’m not sure I can help them.

Stephen:                             24:51                     And so it’s funny how more and more people are asking this question. right? And so he said, uh, so the company is starting to say, waIt, maybe this onboarding thing is going to catch. Right? Which is interesting. Right? and I’m sure he’s, he’s beating his head against the wall and then second, I don’t like to travel, never liked it. But with that being said, you know, he’s asking me to help them pick an event or one that I could recommend, um, as, uh, not miss show. And so I think a lot about those things and I always tell people, you’ve got to find the group that you fit with, right? Because, you know, some were a little more, uh, open to new sellers somewhere a little more, um, I’m further along. sellers, that kind of thing. I’d say rocky mountain though puts you right, right in the sweet spot because you do have some newer sellers that come to that event and you looking at some of your speakers, they’re talking to some, but then you got some pretty advanced. Is that by design or what are you trying to do?

Travis:                                   25:49                     I think originally the conference was, hey, we know all of these people from facebook, let’s get them all in the same room and invite a bunch of people to hang out and let’s have a conference. Um, and, and it really was the desire to meet all these people and actually, you know, have actual networking and some face to face interactions. And I think this year, um, you know, we, we, we tried a little harder to, to have a few people that people maybe didn’t know. Um, so there would be big. I mean there’s a lot of people that speak in a lot of different conferences and if you do go to a lot of conferences, you can hear the same person over and over again, which you know, that there. I’m not saying anything’s wrong about that because a lot of these people, they spend a lot of time on their, on their content and they don’t, they don’t teach the same thing twice to two different, two different events.

Travis:                                   26:40                     So, um, so kudos to those. But at the same time, I think that there’s a value in it, maybe hearing some different perspectives. And so, um, yes, I think we did try to make it as a, as friendly to a newer seller as possible, but at the same time, um, we, you know, we have people that have been selling, you know, five, $10,000,000, you know, a plus, um, that has some really advanced strategies and some really advanced tactics that they may not necessarily share from stage or they will, I mean, they, they may or may not, but you know, if you, if, if you’re an advanced seller, you can have an advanced conversation with them because I’m at these, at least at our event, all of these speakers are very approachable and they’re hanging out, you know, during the conference in the same room with us. You know, they’re doing the same networking things and um, and they’re very approachable. That’s one thing I’ve found in the fba community is even the, you know, the quote unquote gurus or the people that are selling a ton are really pretty down to earth and are willing to, you know, kind of share some, some really interesting things over a, over a beer or something, you know, after the show or whatever. So. So yes, I think we did design it with both the newer seller and the advanced seller mind. Yeah, I think so.

Stephen:                             27:59                     It’s a very exciting to me because you know, somebody’s goIng to be like, well steve, you’re pitching or conference. Steve doesn’t benefit in any way as we didn’t last year, but I was there and it blew me away. It was just such a great, great event. So let’s talk about a couple of the speakers and a hill. Who I am. I got a little bit of a crush on her from an accounting point of view. I like accounting. I can’t help it. I was just with her in vegas and we were hanging out and I got to meet one of our partners. Oh my god, they’re sO strong. They are so. They’re just so approachable and they’re so can do you Know, hey, I’ve got this big shoe box full of receipts. what do I do? Ok, let’s roll up our sleeves. Let’s get through it. I just had somebody else come on and tell me that and to help them.

Stephen:                             28:39                     And then eventually they hired her, but she did it all for free. I’m just an amazing, amazing cpa who sells. I’m robyn johnson, one of the strongest speakers, but just, she’s a real seller. I’m knows it well. Really puts the effort and energy into it. Her husband, they just really have built a great company. Garland sullivan. Nobody’s seen garland speak, but garland and a max sell millions from down in Florida and quietly, um, and you got mitchell lip, harvey specter to speak. Um, I’ve seen him speak and it’s very entertaining, but he’s a regular guy. Just a regular guy who will show you that you can do it. Anthony bisceglia. Oh my goodness. I’m mr merchan. He’s really killing it. I’m really strong. Rachel greer, super knowledgeable, former amazon work employee knows everything. And assad. I love. I’ve gotten letters. I’ve gotten to hang out with him a bunch of different times. Yeah, super smart. Nobody knows them and yet yet he knows so much and our business and he applies his other business. So you’ve got a lot of great casey gos. Eddie vine, who am I missing here? I don’t know, edwArd ruffin, so it’ll be interesting to see. Um, uh, I, I’m very, very excited about weIght, ppc ed from our level.

Travis:                                   30:00                     So that’s actually been helping me. It just doesn’t look like picture and see. Oh, he’s super smart. Super of way. I’m blown away. Every time we’d get on a call and he’s going through my account. I’m just floating by. So let me make one more

Stephen:                             30:14                     pitch because I’m making a pitch about the rocky mountain, which again, I don’t benefit other than you get to go. You get to enjoy yourself and you come back smarter. To me, I win if you do that, but I’m giving away a ticket to [inaudible] ticket. I bought for a jeff colin’s conference, the seller labs and that resonate. It’s sold out. You can’t get a ticket. It’s sold out, but I had bought two and I giving one away and um, you get with, if you win it, you get a half an hour with ppc ad, a personal half an hour as you know what that’s worth, he’ll dive down deep at, at down in atlanta. And so, uh, anyway, uh, there’s information at the beginning of this episode how you wouldn’t that ticket. Um, but, uh, you don’t have to buy anything. So back to your conference a, I don’t want to downplay it because it’s coming up so, uh, you can save and I really appreciate this.

Stephen:                             31:05                     Again, steve does not benefit yet. You as a listener does, you can save $25 off of the ticket price and the ticket price goes up the end of this month. So that’s why I got this in. I’m kind of rushed ahead. I move some other episodes because I just don’t want to miss this opportunity for somebody cause they’ll, it’ll happen four weeks from now. Somebody messaged me, steve, do you have a discount code for rocky mountain? It’s getting cold. I’m like, no, no, this is the time. It’s $299 up until March 31st. And this will come out on the 20 ninth. Ok? So he don’t have a lot of time. However, if you use the code momentum 25, you’ll get a $25 off of that. so you’ll get it for 274 bucks. You are not going to get any cheaper from this point. You cannot get it any cheaper. Um, there was a discount if you were a previous attendee, but that’s not, that’s gone. And so this is for somebody who wants to go, you’re going to save 25 bucks. And I really appreciate that because somebody who’s on the fence, I’m recommending that you go to this conference because I personally have benefited from it. I learned thIngs, I’ve met some amazing people and it’s one of the best venues to hang out, um, in any, in the country. denver Is easy to get into the. Actually the hotel is not that far from the airport.

Travis:                                   32:22                     Yeah, it’s only like 10 or 15 minutes.

Stephen:                             32:25                     But here’s the best part. You get into this place and they have warm cookies. Literally walk up to the counter and they give you a warm coat. They non stop. Give you a warm cookies. I must have ate 200 of those. Darn. And I don’t even like chocolate, but they were warm, you know,

Travis:                                   32:39                     know to be just, just a, you know, full dIsclosure. These are regular cookies. Ok?

Stephen:                             32:43                     Oh yeah, yeah. No, this is not a denver kind of guy. Sorry. I understand that. This is a denver thing that’s somewhere else. I don’t participate. That’s not me, but. But I did the real cookies. Real chocolate chip. That’s all they were. I, I pray. I did eat a lot of them. So. So what’s next? Where do you think you’re going next? As you sit back and you’re settling in. I’m, that’s the secOnd person. I’m using this with where you’re settling in because you figured stuff out, you throw out a whole bunch of stuff. You tried some stuff and said, nope, nope, nope. And you may be, you called yourself a little bit, you failed at some. I don’t. I don’t thinK you did. I think he tried. It. Didn’t work. Wasn’t your lane ok, push it aside. My heart wasn’t in it. What’s next?

Travis:                                   33:28                     I think, uh, for, for us, I think the next logical step is to try to continue to diversify into other platforms. Um, specIfic. Give an example. Yeah. Uh, you know, like etsy, um, you know, selling some of our products that have, you know, with these graphics, because we have, you know, everybody’s been jumping on the merch by amazon platform because, you know, with good reason it’s, it’s an, it’s a fabulOus way to, to maKe, you know, royalty income. Um, but we have these things when, you know, when we hire these designers and we have all of these designs, these are assets. We own these things. What’s the best possible way to take these assets and monetize them in other ways. And that’s really, I think the future for us. Um, we spent the first two months solid, two months really, like we had been doing merch by amazon and we had some designers, but we really, really, really drilled it down.

Travis:                                   34:24                     I mentioned the soap at the beginning of the interView and um, we really spent a solid two months going through our system and creating the spreadsheets that we needed and giving access to different designers and then actually hiring several more designers, hiring a virtual assistant to manage them and giving her specific sops. And so we’ve spent the time and really put our business are the, the merck side of the business on the back burner. We weren’t uploading anything but now that that’s kind of running the next piece I think is to create those soaps for those other platforms, you know, and, and really kind of look at the other opportunities that we can monetize these assets that we own and that are there, you know, there, there’s so much more potential than just merch by amazon. They’re really is, if you can thInk outside the box, you can go to some of these other platforms. Um, and that’s where I want to be. I want to not be so completely dependent on an fba or amazon fba program.

Stephen:                             35:28                     Well, the cool thing is it allows you to play in these other places, rIght? It gives you the fuel to get going and these other. But as you say, I love that. Monetize all your assets, your team, your designs, your creativity. I mean, I think it’s so smart what you’re describing. Dude, I’m so excited. I’m very excited for you because it’s so cool to watch somebody grow. Or boys growing up, our boy travis is growing up.

Travis:                                   35:54                     I’m very proud of your son now.

Stephen:                             35:59                     Wait, but what’s cool is that you’re willing to keep trying. You know you’re not. My wife says I say too much. I’m not going to talk about going to the corner, sucking your thumb so you honey, I didn’t say it, but it’s, it’s true. You’re not. You’re pushing forward. Ok? Try to move to on sharpened a little bit in India. He says, iron sharpens iron, right? You go to these conferences, you learn something, you get smarter. You surround yourself with smarter people. you get better. You help other people, you get better. This is exactly the right plan. Now we’re going to monetize all of our assets. Dude, that’s, that’s my headline. I love that line. Ok, so we’re gonna close with this conferences coming up. Um, it’s june, first, june, second in denver, Colorado. It’s a friday, saturday. Lots of people come in on thursday.

Stephen:                             36:42                     There’s ton of great speakers. I mentioned a whole bunch of them. I mean there’s some really good speakers and you’re going to get time to see these guys. That place isn’t that big. I mean, so the bar isn’t that big, so you’re going to be able to get to hang with them. There’s a great seating area right there where it then went and earthen. I would meet every morning for coffee. Um, it’s just a great opportunity. Um, June 1st and June 2nd. Again, the price is 299 bucks until the end of this month. If you use the code momentum 25, you save $25 off of that, right? That’s a big deal. SaveD the 25 bucks a, use that to, to buy somebody a beer. And that’s how you’re going to learn something and then it goes right through a saturday and then most people leave on saturday or they leave on sunday. Travis

Travis:                                   37:26                     assembly saturday night. But I think most, most people actually leave sunday because there’s always going to these networking events in the evenings so people stay for that. And then.

Stephen:                             37:37                     And that’s really where the real learning takes place because you’re going to talk about a problem you have and there’s going to be six different people that can help solve that. And out of those six there’s usually an option for you that will work. And when you hear those other six, you’re going to think of things you never thought of. And then your business advances and when you can advance and big steps like that, I think it’s very valuable. Ok, so I’m going to have the links out here for all the conference stuff up on this episode. Again, momentum 25 will get you 25 bucks off as very awesome of you. The price goes up by 50 bucks, April 1st. And that’s not an april fool’s joke. That is real. All right? So if somebody wants to follow up with you, travis, what’s the best way to get in touch with you?

Travis:                                   38:20                     Um, you can contact me at travis at reseller conference [inaudible], or you can just a facebook message to me. That’s a lot of people do that too.

Stephen:                             38:30                     Ok, I’ll do that. Ok, so last thing I want you to do is I want you to help somebody is stuck because you’ve been stuck. You’ve been stuck, you’ve pushed through, it helps somebody else who stuck, how they can get past that point.

Travis:                                   38:44                     I’m just going to give you the same advice that worked for us. I think really working, you know, it’s that whole thing you’ve heard before working on your business instead of in your business. Take time to grade those soaps, degrade those procedures. Um, even if it’s just for you, if this is a business that you want to invest in long-term, it’s not always going to be just you. And so you need to have that so you can pass it on to the next person who, whether it’s a contractor or an employee or a va who are your wife or whoever it is, um, really take the time to systematize your business because you will never regret it in the long run. it might be painful while you’re doing it, and I can attest to that, but in the long run, you’re going to be glad you did it.

Stephen:                             39:26                     You creAte those expectations, then you can’t be disappointed they didn’t achieve the expectation if you weren’t clear on what it was. And so by doing this, you really are, you’re, you’re, here’s what I expect. And if it doesn’t happen, then we can have a discussion. You’ve earned that, right? Love it to maximize all your assets. Travis. Man, I appreciate it. Thank you so much. I wish you nothing but success.

Travis:                                   39:48                     Thanks steve. Appreciate it.

Stephen:                             39:50                     Great interview. Uh, I love what he’s talking about. Maximizing your assets. How many times, you know, I was just having this conversation about customers and it’s like, wait, you work so hard. You hear him on shark tank. What’s your cost of customer acquisition? How much does it cost to get a customer? It’s the highest cost. Retaining that customer is a heck of a lot cheaper. And so getting more sales from your existing customers are a lot cheaper. So if you have assets, customers or products, those are assets, designs as we talk about with travis, those are assets, there’s value in them. What can you do to make more money on your existing base of business? That’s really the premise of maximizing your assets. And I think his advice is really sound. what could you do on etsy, right? Are you anti-public you heard me interview ti public costs you nothing to add all your designs over there, right?

Stephen:                             40:41                     You might as well make a few bucks on the same design because if customers have tee public, not necessarily customers of amazon, not necessarily customers of teespring have a bubble or there’s a million other ones. Right? And so by taking that and putting the work in and uh, so for us, we’re doing it with poshmark, right? We’ve added poshmark to us. We’re maximizing our existing assets were taking the same assets we have for sale, adding them to another channel and I think it’s solid advice and I think it’s quite frankly better than going to find more products. Sometimes just maximize what you have before you move on and then you got the full capacity of a very solid advice from travis. Again, check out the conference. Um, I don’t benefit in any way. I say that a bunch of times, but I’d benefit if you learn something and you get connection and you meet that person that helps your business move forward to me, I’d benefit. That’s just awesome. And that’s all I want. That’s all I’m ever asking

Cool :                                     41:34                     for it. So, e-commerce, [inaudible], e-commerce, momentum dot-com. Take care. Thanks for listening to the e-commerce momentum podcast. All the linkS mentioned today can be found at incomers. Momentum [inaudible]. So number, please remember to subscribe and like us on itunes.



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