154 : Assad Siddiqi – Building out a fast growing eCommerce company on Amazon

Asaad Siiddiqi

Assad is definitely one of the smartest guys in the room. But what makes him so special, is he is also one of the greatest guys in the room! You can hear his genuine positiveness, his love of people. He is that guy! I have been fortunate to hang out with him a few times and every time I walk away richer for it. This interview is no different Assad gives real practical advice on pivoting a growing business on the fly. Taking advantage of new ideas, strategies and techniques while maintaining a fast moving business. (Oh and he has a full time job too!)


Assad’s first Interview with his backstory #92

Assads Facebook Contact

Questions from Amazing Flips & Tips group run by Peter Moelius and Ryan Wateska

Q – For those doing OA, how do you keep track of orders? I am having a hard time this time of year.

Q – What is the FBA deadline for Christmas related items this time of year?

Q – How do you manage stranded inventory?


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