146 : Jay Bayne – Loving his Amazon businesses on his terms!

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It has been an interesting year for Jay and his family. A historic flood in his town, a new home, a new role in his day job and a new job for his wife. Oh and his kids are getting older! Good life stuff. I love the way Jay talks about a real life evaluation last year where he took stock and decided not to leave a dream job. It has paid off, he has found a way to make the chaos of life work for him.


Jay’s first interview #20 

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Jay’s contact:  Jay@scannermonkey.com

Questions from Chris Green’s Scanpower Facebook Group

Q – What are your reasons for going to a conference? What specifically are your goals for a conference?

Q – Amazon is launching P/L brands continually, what does this mean for P/L?

Q – Stickerless commingled. Have you used it?


Action Steps:

1 – Health- everyday

2 – Work Thing/ Family Thing

3 – Compound Effect




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