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258 : Taurin Bellavance – Selling on Amazon can afford you the opportunity to just walk away (and sometimes you just need to walk away!)

How true the title of this episode is for many people in corporate America today. The “24hr 7 day a week” responsibility is taking an affect on people. They can’t turn off their cell phones but yet struggle to get a raise. They are lucky they have a job after all! Well Taurin is an…

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256 : Glen Zubia – Take a real run at Merch by Amazon and add it to selling on Ebay and design the life you want. Oh and pay off $50k in student loans along the way

Funny how people figure out their “lane”. If you go back and look hard enough you get to see the choices (good and bad) that have brought you to this point in your life. Guess what, Glen likes what he sees. He has shifted from the “cubicle” to the freedom to do as he pleases…

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255 : Dan Meadors – What it takes to be a great partner to allow wholesale success selling on Amazon

I love the Wholesale Formula guys: Dan and Eric (and Dylan). They really have a great program (I am not an affiliate). I should know I have had many of their students on my show. We spend a lot of time talking about relationships and what it takes to really be a partner. Great actionable information.…

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