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290 : Travis Ross – Maximize all your assets – your content, your products, your processes and your selling channels


It is so cool to see Travis Ross hit his stride. He has a confidence about him that is well earned. He will tell you it is not hard but once you get there it is well worth the pain. Are you using your Merch content to its capacity? Are you using your products to…

239 : Danny McMillan – Selling on Amazon US and UK, now Japan and soon Australia

Danny photo

Danny has a great story. One of rise and fall and rise even higher again. Love his focus, his understanding and more importantly his ability to put a process in place to continue to expand at a faster pace. He has a knack for procedures, almost a tick for it. I loved his comparisons to…

238 : Gaye Lisby – Use Online Arbitrage to grow a real Amazon Private Label Business

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I was fortunate enough to have dinner with Gaye and her sister earlier this year. I was captivated by her stories and instantly connected with her. I couldn’t wait to get her on but as we all know, we are busy people! Gaye has been busy building a multi-million dollar Amazon business and now has…