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279 : Mike Olsen – Find an Education in eCommerce and add value to your employer


Mike is very inspiring. His story will emphasize that you can overcome adversity with the right attitude. Success is hard, but a life well lived is even harder. On the other side of both Mike will tell you the well lived life is the much better path. What better way to learn the real in’s…

274 : James Thomson – Continuing education for ecommerce sellers at the Prosper Show


James is back and man is he on a mission. His mission is to continue with the education YOU (WE, ME) need in this fast-pace, ever-changing continuously-evolving world we have chosen. Think CPE’s for those in the Teaching, engineering, accounting, legal and other professions. Oh and Michael Gerber of eMyth fame will be there! Mentioned:…

084 : Monica Busby – Life offers Challenges and Obstacles – Here’s a great success story of overcoming them in a huge way!

Monica Busby

      Monica is a ball of enthusiasm, her laughter is infectious! She is the center of the group cackling in the corner, you will want to know her. This interview includes some difficult subjects, early unexpected death of a single-parent, followed by a serious cancerous tumor and other personal challenges. The great news…