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285 : Mike Rezendes – Reezy Resells Resets Book Business Model and expanding your Amazon Merch account


When it comes to busy no one beats Reezy! He is everywhere at all times giving everything he has and leaves nothing on the table. I really enjoyed the discussion regarding changes necessary in the book business that can be blessings in disguise. He sees the opportunity where others see doom. Remember those are the…

069 : Michael Reezy aka Reezy Resells – Scaling up a book business with documented detailed research and processes then add some real hustle!

Michael Reezy

    It seems like I have had a run of booksellers lately and you might conclude there is a resurgence of book selling, and there is some truth to that but I see it more that there is a group of more sophisticated sellers, taking advantage of the technology and taking advantage of their…