231 : Gary Baird – Offering Prep services and Essential Seller Services as part of his evolution

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Funny how more and more people are finding their lane in the eCommerce world. I think that is what can happen if you pay attention to what you are enjoying and stop watching and wishing for what others seem to be good at. There are outliers in every aspect of this business and you are likely not an outlier in all of them. Be thankful as that would burn you out. Gary has found what he loves: Coaching and helping others succeed, Offering information to others better than almost anyone and finally prepping deliveries for others. Great lesson on not-failing but winning on your terms.



Episode 45 – Gary’s backstory

Indy Prep

Seller Essentials

Essential Daily Deals

Gary’s email


Andy Slamans Amazing Freedom Private Label Retreat


Scope from Sellerlabs




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