230 : Jay Freiday – There are many ways to become an Amazon Seller – Could you work for someone else to get started

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So the headline says it all. You can work for someone else to get started in this business just as Jay did. Think about it, he learned the basic building blocks while getting paid. The mistakes he saw and probably made some of his own (like we all do) were on someone else’s dime. Not a lot of risk in this model. Learn all you can, help bring a “big thinker’s’ ideas to fruition and you are rewarded with so much more than a paycheck. You were taught to fish for big fish. Hard work, sure. Aggravating sometimes, sure. But in a few years Jay has been able to get so much more than a masters degree paying his dues. Oh and the company benefited as well. Win/win!



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Andy Slamans Amazing Freedom Private Label Retreat


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