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054 : Brianna Moller Greene – As the phrase goes – Give a busy person something to do if you want it done! Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, Bonanza, Merch, Product Lists!

Brianna Greene

Brianna Greene


Men we really need to step up our game! Get ready to realize we are not pulling our weight, we are getting crushed by the fourth in my Women in eCommerce series! Brianna is a very busy person, who will outwork you, she will figure it out, she will put her head down and do the work, she will pull it together and most importantly take action. She is fiercely competitive, growing up as a competitive skater, she not only sets goals, she exceeds them. We spend time talking about her connection of Amazon & Ebay & Bonanza & Ebay. Yes there is a way to make most of it hands off. Not all yet, but she is close. So get ready to feel a little inadequate, and then take action, move forward and crush it like Brianna.




Brianna mentioned:

Sellbrite – Built as a multi-channel selling solution from the ground up, Sellbrite is flexible enough to fit your business without custom setup or integrations, yet robust enough to offer the channel-specific features you expect.

Joelister –  JoeLister populates your eBay listing with content from the Amazon product page. Too busy to list items individually? Create a beautiful listing in ONE click.

Outsourcing Sourcing – by Ryan Grant  Outsourcing Sourcing contains everything you could want to know about having people you trust source and ship inventory directly to amazon for you.  Everything from how to set up the arrangements to paying these individuals is covered.

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Shopify –  More ways to sell than ever before- eCommerce, Social Commerce, Buy Button, Point of Sale

Elite Product Sourcing– Providing Actionable Product Finds For Resale on Online Marketplaces

Prime Zero Prep – We’re located in Tax Free New Hampshire, Prime Zero Prep is a full service fulfillment center looking to help bring your business to the next level. We understand what FBA sellers want and expect when it comes to these type of services. No matter what size business you have, we want to work with you!

Sell Source Profit – A course designed to teach you the same strategies we used to generate over $850,00 in sales our first year selling on Amazon using the power of Retail Arbitrage.


“Get ungated in EVERY Category!”




Golden Nuggets:

Connect your Amazon using a third party software to Ebay (Joe Lister, Sell Brite, others) then connect Ebay to Bonanza (Bonanza handles that) Then go back and connect your Collectible Ebay inventory with Etsy via third party software. (Sell Brite handles this)



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